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Accreditation Timeline

Criterion Committees:
Criterion 1
Criterion 2
Criterion 3
Criterion 4
Criterion 5





NCA Criterion Two Committee

Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future. The organization's allocation of resources and its processes for evaluation and planning demonstrate its capacity to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its education, and respond to future challenges and opportunities. View the core components for Criterion 2.

Data Archives

Committee Meeting Minutes

Committee Members:

Ann Roselle, Chair
Betsy Frank, Writer
Jeanne Arquette
Jill Pippenger
Loman Clark
Ronnie Elliott
Darren Everingham
Gene Happard
Michael Hubbs
Russell Jordan
Alverta Mckenzie
Wilbert Nelson
Bonnie Petterson
Mike Poplin
Leonard Rodriquez
Dennis Shaw
Terry Tovar-Novasad
David Sanchez
Janet Wilburn



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