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NCA Criterion Four Committee

Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge. The organization promotes a life of learning for its faculty, administration, staff, and students by fostering and supporting inquiry, creativity, practice, and social responsibility in ways consistent with its mission.

We want to hear from you. The links below are to the core components for Criterion 4 please read them and provide feedback on the content:

  • Criterion 4A - Approxamately 18 pages
    The organization demonstrates, through the actions of its board, administrators, students, faculty, and staff, that it values a life of learning.
  • Criterion 4B - Not Currently Available
    The organization demonstrates that acquisition of a breadth of knowledge and skills and the exercise of intellectual inquiry are integral to its educational programs.
  • Criterion 4C - Not Currently Available
    The organization assesses the usefulness of its curricula to students who will live and work in a global, diverse, and technological society.
  • Criterion 4D - Not Currently Available
    The organization provides support to ensure that faculty, students, and staff acquire, discover, and apply knowledge responsibly.

Data Archives

Committee Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Sandra Wells Learning Technologies & Development  
Mitra Mehraban Learning Center  
Sara Soller Staff Development Committee Co-chair resource
Deborah Ermoian Staff Development Committee Co-chair  
Maria Encisco Title V  
Kelly Loucy Student Life and Leadership  
Elaine Ploetz Honors Program  
Lynn Marks Library  
Rene Delgado Re-entry center  
Jed Allen Distinguished Teaching Award  
Debi Moser PSA  
Frank Luna Alumni  
Richard Hegge Custodian  
Ronnie Starkey Crafts  
Tom Arnold Grounds  
Rosemary Schweigert MAT  
Kristin Anderson Occupational Program Assessment  
Nan Reif Center for Health Professions  
Kay Harrison Transfer Center  
Laura Artusio Library  
Diana Mitchell Special Services  
Casandra Kakar Dean of Instruction  
Jan Binder Institutional Assessment and Planning  
Rita Perry Dental Programs  
Sharon Halford Dean of Instruction  
Linn Dowd English Writer
Marian Tadano Administration resource
Jeremy Moreland Assessment & Planning resource
Brent Jameson NCA Steering Committee Chair resource



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