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Student Services

Student Services

Phoenix College is small enough to provide students with personal attention from enrollment through graduation. But it's also large enough to offer a rich menu of social and leadership possibilities to round out the college experience. Whether they're taking one class or a full load, Phoenix College students have a full-access pass to get involved to find support in reaching their goals.

Student Tools

  • PC Academic Calendar
    A calendar of college dates that shows when classes begin, when classes are in session, when classes end each semester and other important dates for students to be aware of,  as well as holidays and spring break dates. Check the Academic Calendar for fee delete date information.
  • Course Catalog and Student Handbook
    The Course Catalog and Student Handbook is an annual publication describing the course offerings, majors, admission requirements, regulations, and grade point system. It also contains the academic year calendar, fee information, academic policies and standards, scholarship information, student services and activities, campus safety and regulations, student rights and responsibilities, and the listing of faculty.
  • Course Schedule
    The class schedule is a bulletin issued prior to the start of each semester or session indicating the subject and course number, course title, number of units, days, time, room number, and instructor's name. The schedule also indicates important dates (registration periods; when classes begin and end; deadlines for changing credit/no credit grade option; adding, dropping, and withdrawing from courses; deadlines for graduation applications and fee refunds; student rights, responsibilities and policies; recess, holidays and the final exam schedule).

One Stop Enrollment Services

The following services are now available in a single location at the One Stop Enrollment Center, located on the west side of the Hannelly Center building.

  • Admissions and Records
    Processes student information forms for admission, as well as assisting students in registering for classes, paying tuition, and obtaining records.
    • Phone: (602) 285-7777
  • Advisement
    Provides advising, referral and information to assist students in developing a course of study.
    • Phone: (602) 285-7777
  • Cashiers
    Resposible for tuition and fees, financial aid distribution, and refunds
    • Phone: (602) 285-7522
  • Dean of Student Affairs
    • Phone: (602) 285-7856
  • Financial Aid
    Provides resources to help pay education costs, such as tuition/fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation and other education-related expenses for the student.
    • Phone: (602) 285-7777
  • International Student Services
    Provides services to students from diverse countries, cultures and languages.
    • Phone: (602) 285-7424
  • Recruitment and Retention
    Guides students through the enrollment process by answering questions, providing information on educational programs, campus services and resources, and conducting campus tours.
    • Phone: (602) 285-7415
  • University Transfer
    Provides information and support to assist you in the transfer process to other educational institutions.
    • Phone: (602) 285-7110
  • Veterans
    Offers all veterans assistance with educational benefits, registration and transcript information, tutorial assistance, referral for personal, career and academic counseling and other miscellaneous veterans information.
    • Phone: (602) 285-7342
  • Welcome Center
    Assists students and the public with information regarding campus events, programs, and enrollment.
    • Phone: (602) 285-7777

Student Services Departments

  • Athletics
    Offers coaching and facilities for a wide range of intercollegiate sports, including baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, football, soccer, softball, track and field and volleyball.
    • Location: G Building
    • Phone: 602-285-7175
  • Bookstore
    Purchase your books and school supplies through the Bookstore located on campus. Texts may also be ordered online.
    • Location: HC Building, HC-Lower
    • Phone: (602) 285-7489
  • Cafeteria
    • Location: LC Building
    • Phone: (602) 285-7669
  • Public Safety
    Includes on-campus security, parking decals, and lost and found.
    • Location: North end of Parking Garage
    • Phone: (602) 285-7254
  • Career Services
    Provides resources to help you make informed career decisions and services to prepare you for a job search
    • Location: LC Building
    • Phone: (602) 285-7420
  • Computer Commons
    The Computer Commons is an instructional, open-computer facility available to all currently enrolled students. The lab features Pentium computers and a variety of course-related software. Lab technicians and student assistants are available to assist students and faculty with their hardware and software questions.
    • Location: L Building, lower level
    • Phone: (602) 285-7285
  • Counseling Services
    Offers unique instruction and individual counseling to meet the diverse academic, career and personal development needs of students.
    • Location: LC Building
    • Phone: (602) 285-7392
  • Disability Resource Center
    Coordinates services which will ensure students with disabilities equal access to college programs and resources.
    • Location: LC Building
    • Phone: (602) 285-7477
  • Family Care and Headstart Center
    Offers quality early childhood programs for children 2 to 5 years of age.
    • Location: FCC Building (Osborn Site), FCC-101
    • Phone: (602) 285-7291
  • Fannin Library
    The library provides a variety of print and electronic resources to support your information needs. Individual assistance is available in locating resources both in person and online.
    • Location: L Building
    • Phone: (602) 285-7473
  • Office of Student Affairs
    • Location: AD Building, AD-104
    • Phone: (602) 285-7228
  • PC Online
    Helps students taking online and hybrid courses. Includes information on logging into Blackboard.
    • Location: L Building, lower level
    • Phone: (888) 994-4433
  • Student Life and Leadership
    Serves the needs of students in leadership development, campus and community involvement, and group interaction. Promotes contact between the students, faculty and employees through clubs, cultural events and other special events.
    • Location: SU Building (Student Union)
    • Phone: (602) 285-7231
  • Success Center
    Brings together services, resources, and programs to support students so they develop skills essential for successful learning. Students improve their study habits and receive assistance through many resources including tutoring and study skills development, workshops and study groups, and multimedia materials.
    • Location: B Building, B-228
    • Phone: (602) 285-7486
  • Testing Center
    Provides free course placement testing for English, Reading, and Math courses.
    • Location: LC Building
    • Phone: (602) 285-7844
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