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Programs and Majors

Before planning your class schedule, it is important to know the program options that are available at Phoenix College. Speak with an academic advisor to determine which program would best meet your needs. If you are not sure of your goals or need assistance selecting a major or career goal, the Career Center can help you explore your options.

Occupational Programs

For students seeking career skills that lead to employment, Phoenix College offers nearly 200 programs.

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) – Offered in specific occupational areas and generally take two years of full-time study to complete.
  • Certificate of Completion (CCL) – Also offered in specific occupational areas, these programs are one year or less.  Many students choose to earn a CCL to gain job skills and then go on to complete the AAS degree to enhance career options.

Transfer Programs

Students planning to complete a baccalaureate or higher degree at a college or university are generally best served by completing a transfer degree at Phoenix College.

These degrees are part of the state-wide transfer system. They are designed to transfer to any Arizona public university (Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona) to meet degree requirements for associated majors. Completion guarantees that students have met admission competencies and university lower-division general education requirements. See or speak with an academic advisor for more information about these degree programs. These degree programs are also appropriate for many private and out-of-state public universities. Phoenix College has articulation agreements with many other colleges and universities, view them at:

  • Arizona General Education Certification (AGEC) – The AGEC certification is included in all of the statewide transfer degrees mentioned above, but can also be earned without completing a degree. It is a 35-credit block of courses that meets lower-division university general education requirements and admission competency requirements at Arizona public universities.
  • Associate in Transfer Partnership (ATP) – These degree programs are designed for students completing specific majors at a specific university. They specify the exact courses that a student would need to complete a degree. For more information see: or speak with an academic advisor.

General Academic Programs

For students whose interests require more flexibility, we offer a general studies degree and academic certificates.

  • Associate in General Studies (AGS) – This degree is a flexible academic degree. It is not designed to meet requirements at Arizona public universities but may be appropriate for transfer to other institutions. It allows any course numbered 100 or higher to be used as an elective. 
  • Academic Certificate (AC) – This certification indicates expertise in an academic area and can be completed as part of most transfer programs or on its own.
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