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Admissions, Registration and Starting Classes
Grades and Transcripts
Financial Matters
Class Schedules and Catalog
Classes and Degree Programs
Maps and Directions

Admissions, Registration and Starting Classes

What are PC's entrance requirements?

Any high school graduate, GED recipient or anyone over 18 regardless of prior education may enroll.

When should I apply for admission?

Student information forms are accepted any time. Apply online (or download forms) via the Admissions Checklist page.
What if I haven't decided on a major?
Many students haven't selected a major when they enter college. Phoenix College is an excellent place to explore options. Advisors, career counselors and instructors will help you set academic goals geared to your talents and interests.

When should I meet with an advisor?
Every student should meet with a program advisor before registering, and should continue to meet with an advisor each semester prior to registration. Advisors are available year-round, at no cost to students.
Can I take classes while I'm still in high school?
Yes, however special admission is required. Contact an advisor.
Will I need to take an entrance exam?
ACT or SAT scores are not required for admission. Basic skills assessments are made of all entering students in order to determine which classes are best for the individual student. English as a Second Language assessments are also available. Visit the Testing Center.
Will my credits transfer to a university?

If your goal is to obtain a university degree, advisors will assist in selecting courses which will be accepted at any Arizona public university and most public or private universities in other states. Contact the Transfer Center.
What if I've been out of school a long time?
Many PC students have returned to college as adults. We provide all kinds of support to make adapting to college easier. We have learning labs to help you brush up on the basics. We have workshops to get your test-taking, note-taking and other academic skills up to speed. We have free tutoring in specific subjects. In addition, our instructors will be happy to work with you after class to answer questions. Contact the Re-Entry Center.
When do classes start, and how long do they last?
Semesters begin in late August and mid-January. Accelerated summer sessions start in May, June, and July. Fall and spring semesters each last 16 weeks. See the Academic Calendar.
How can I get a list of my classes?
You can view and print your personal schedule via Online Services.
Can I enroll by phone or over the Internet?

Yes, see the Course Registration page.

Grades and Transcripts

How can I order a transcript?
I ordered a transcript, but it hasn't arrived.
See How to Request Transcripts.
How do I check my grades?
See the
Online Services page.

Financial Matters

Are financial assistance & employment available?
Financial assistance is offered through loans, grants and scholarships. Campus work-study employment and off-campus employment assistance are available to qualified students. See Financial Aid.

When should I apply for financial aid?
Financial aid is available throughout the year, but those who apply early have the best chance of receiving priority funding.
See Financial Aid.
How much does it cost to go to Phoenix College?
PC is one of the best education values in the state. For a current fees schedule see the Tuition & Fees page.
Can I pay by check or credit card?
Yes. See Tuition & Fees page.
How do I get a list of the books I need?
Just go to our Bookstore web pages.
Why did I receive an invoice when I've already paid?
Most likely your payment and the invoice just "crossed in the mail." If your payment should have been received earlier, or if you just want to check for sure, visit Online Services.

Class Schedules and Catalog

Why DIDN'T I get a schedule in the mail?
The class schedule is mailed to every home in the PC service area a few weeks before classes start each term. To save on postage, they are not individually addressed - each letter carrier gets enough (in theory) to cover their route. Since we're dealing with over 200,000 copies, our distribution favors economy over precision, so you may occasionally be missed. If it happens regularly, ask your letter carrier about it.
Why DID I get a schedule in the mail? I don't want it!
Sorry, but we can't take residential addresses off the schedule mailing list because there is no mailing list. We use the simplified address, "Residential Customer," providing enough copies to each post office to cover their distribution routes. Since the Postal Service doesn't have to pay attention to which copy goes to which address, this gets our postal rate down to around 13 cents each. By using competitive bids and avoiding individual addressing, we keep expenses down. The schedule annually costs about 1/2 of 1% of PC's operating budget: about 38 cents to produce and deliver a copy to a home. More on the schedule mailing.
Where can I get a class schedule?
Class schedules are available on the Web and in bins on campus, as well as most public libraries in our service area.

Classes and Degree Programs

Do all good jobs require a four-year degree?

There are many rewarding careers which only require a two-year degree or certification, which can be obtained in even less time. Occupational degrees and certificates may only be obtained through a community college like PC or a more expensive trade school.
Visit the Catalog / Programs page.
What degree programs are available? How long does it take to get a degree?
PC offers over 200 programs, plus our university transfer programs - for a complete listing visit the Catalog / Programs page. These lead to an associate's degree and will take full-time students two years to complete.
What if I'm more interested in getting skills than a degree?
Not every program at PC leads to a degree. We have many certificate programs that can give you the skills you need for immediate employment in one year or less. In addition, PC offers both credit and non-credit classes and seminars for people looking to upgrade job skills. These classes can be any length: some are only a few hours; others are a lot longer.
Visit the Catalog / Programs page.
Do you have classes just for fun?
Yes, you can take a class at PC just for fun or to satisfy your need to learn. This can be a regular credit class or one of our many Community Education classes.
I have a full-time job. What programs are available for me?
Many of our students are working adults. Day, evening or weekend classes make it easy to fit classes around work schedules. Many degree programs can be completed by taking classes in the evening.






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