Online Learning

What is Online e-Learning?
Online E-Learning is learning at a distance using computer technology. At Phoenix College Downtown, all of the online courses are completed via the Internet (online). Our online courses are offered in partnership with two educational vendors:  Ed2Go and ProTrain. 


How do I see a list of online courses?

To view a comprehensive list of the courses available, click on either Ed2Go, Career Step or Rosetta Stone.


What are the requirements for the courses?
All online courses require students to have an e-mail address and access to a computer and the InternetSome courses also require the student to have the specific software on his/her computer. View individual course description for software or text requirements. Most online courses do not require books; however, a few courses do; i.e., test preparation, project management applications, etc. The cost for a book is not included in the fee. Click on Ed2Go, Career Step, or Rosetta Stone, to view detailed information.


 When do the courses start?
Most online courses can be started at any time. Generally, you can start a course within 3-4 business days after registering, with the exception of the Ed2Go courses, which start on a specific day and date of each month. Click on Ed2Go, Career Step or Rosetta Stone for start date information.


 How long does it take to complete an online course?
Ed2Go courses are six weeks in length and start on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. 


 How do I register and pay for an online course?
Please refer to

Can I finish a course prior to the state length of time?
Online courses are self-paced which allow students to work at their own rate of speed and to complete a course prior to the stated end date. Ed2Go releases two lessons a week for six weeks. 


 Will I be able to interact with an instructor and/or other students?
Ed2Go provides online discussions, chat rooms, or an email address for questions. Rosetta Stone's Totale system provides one-on-one time with speech coaches, as well as other language students from across the world.


 Is there technical support help?
Ed2Go's technical support contact information is posted on their website.


 Will I receive proof of course completion?
Ed2Go and Career Step students can print proof of completion directly from their websites.


Have additional questions?
Please contact Cheryl Dusty-Delauro via email:, or by phone:  602.223.4051, or in-person at Phoenix College Downtown Campus at 640 N. 1st Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85003.