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Monday, March 7, 2005

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Phoenix College Nursing Department Receives More Than $20,000 for Retention Efforts

(PHOENIX, Ariz., March 7, 2005) The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association "Campaign for Caring" recently awarded the Phoenix College Nursing Program the Healthcare Education Program Grant for a proposal entitled "Nursing Success Intervention and Retention." The Phoenix College program will receive a total of $21,917 for intervention and retention efforts of minority students.

According to statistics released for Fall 2004 (45th Day), Phoenix College has the highest Hispanic population enrolled in nursing programs throughout the Maricopa Community College District with 27 percent.

With that in mind, the overall goal of the project is to succeed in four areas:

--To increase the graduation rate of minority nursing students;
--To decrease the attrition rate of minority nursing students;
--To increase the retention rate of minority nursing students; and,
--To increase the NCLEX-PN and RN pass rates of minority nursing students.

The funding from the grant will give PC Nursing, Counseling and Reading instructors the tools they need to help students succeed.

The first portion of the project is a 10-hour Orientation class for first semester students. The main objective with this project is to help students transition into the nursing program. The second portion of the project is to conduct a weekly Nursing Success course. During this course, students will meet with faculty two hours a week for intensive remediation and supplemental instruction. The third portion of the project is to purchase nursing remediation software and books. These resources will help students pass their nursing courses and the NCLEX-PN and RN exams. The fourth portion of the project is to partner Phoenix College at-risk students with mentors from various minority nursing organizations. Currently, members from the Black Nurses Association of Greater Phoenix, Philippine Nurses Association of Arizona, Inc., Native American Nurses Association, and the Hispanic Nurses Association have agreed to assist with this project.

"It is well documented the need for bilingual and minority nurses in Phoenix and Arizona," said Margaret Sounders, Phoenix College Nursing Program Department Chair. "However, our minority nursing students are the population most at risk to fail nursing courses and the NCLEX-PN and RN as well as drop out of school. Every semester, PC loses more than 20 percent of its nursing students. This grant will help us retain these students and possibly graduate 15 to 20 additional students each year."

For more information on the Phoenix College Nursing Program, please contact (602) 285-7133.


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