Certified Paralegal Review Course – Winter 2018

Course Cost: Only $295!  This course includes six afternoons of instructor-led review with guidance and feedback on practice writing assignments and simulated test questions.  Students must separately register, and pay, for the exam directly with NALA.  Students in this review course can then take the exam at Phoenix College on special, designated testing days.  This special testing opportunity is for students in this review course only. 


This review course will help prepare you for the Certified Paralegal (CP) exam offered by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA).  The course covers all required areas of the exam.


There are two steps to preparing for the exam:


  1. Register and pay for this review course with Phoenix College.

  2. Register and pay the examination fees for the Certified Paralegal exam directly with NALAEveryone must do this. Visit NALA’s website at www.nala.org for details.  Click here for NALA’s application and for information on the application process. 


The review course is open to everyone.  Paralegal students at Phoenix College must have completed their program by the end of the December 2018 semester to be eligible to take the exam in January of 2019.  If you are still taking classes in spring (January-May) of 2019 to complete your paralegal program then you cannot take the test in January/February of 2019 but instead will take it during the next testing period. 


The exam consists of two portions:  Knowledge portion (multiple choice/true-false type questions over several substantive legal areas) and Skills portion (a written exercise).


The review sessions for the Knowledge portion of the exam will meet from 12:30-5:30 pm on the following days: 12/1/18, 12/8/18, 12/15/18, 1/5/19, 1/12/19.  The exam for the Knowledge portion will be from 9:00 a.m. to Noon on 1/26/19.  Examinees receive their pass/fail results immediately upon completing the Knowledge portion of the exam.  NALA requires examines to pass the Knowledge portion before they can take the Skills portion.  Examinees that do not pass the Knowledge portion can retest for that portion after 90 days.


For those that pass the Knowledge portion on the morning of 1/26/19, a review session for the Skills portion will be held from 1:00-3:30 that same day (1/26).  In the review for the Skills portion, students will learn about the structure and strategy for taking the Skills portion of the exam.  Over the following four weeks, those that will be taking the Skills portion will work independently doing several practice skills assignments that they will submit via Canvas to the faculty for review and feedback.  This will help them practice and prepare for the Skills portion of the exam.


The Skills portion of the exam will be from 9:00-Noon on February 23, 2019.  The location for the course will be at Phoenix College, E-Building, Room 201.

Review Course Material:

The textbook for the course is the Certified Paralegal Review Manual, Custom Edition, ISBN #: 9780357122921.  This is a custom hard-copy edition and is available only at the Phoenix College Bookstore.  This is a custom version of the THIRD edition of this book and this custom edition has only the chapters needed for the exam.  You may be able to find used copies or other eBook rentals of the original THIRD edition; that will also work but those can be harder to find.  Click here for Information about where to get the book.


We do not recommend that you get any other edition because it may not have what you need. 


To register call 602-285-7222, Monday-Thursday, 8:00-5:00, and tell them you would like to register for the WINTER 2018 non-credit class number 40411 - Certified Paralegal Review.  Payment is due upon registration. For more information email us at: paralegal@phoenixcollege.edu and include your student number in any email message.