The Spring/Summer 2020 CP Exam has Been Rescheduled


It will meet online only, via WebEx, with live lectures. Information on joining a Webex session will be provided in the CP Review Course in Canvas.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will not be any testing at the Phoenix College campus. 


There are three components to the process if you are taking the CP Review course at Phoenix College:

1 – Registering for the CP Review course at Phoenix College

2 – Applying to take the CP Exam with NALA

3 – Scheduling a time to take the exam with a PSI testing center


1.       To register for the REVIEW COURSE, send an email to: and include your student number (8-digit number that begins with a “3”) and your telephone number. The Program Secretary, Mary Davison, will register you for the course and notify you by email when that is done.  You will then be able to go online through your Student Center to pay for the review course.  The cost is $295. Registration is available Monday – Thursdays only.  You can register as late as noon on 5/28.

2.       To apply to take the exam, go to NALA’s website and complete the application and pay the fee. Be sure to monitor your email for communication from NALA. It is critical that you respond to any messages from NALA.


3.       Information on how you should schedule your exam with PSI, as well as information on the PSI testing centers in Phoenix, can be found in Canvas.  It is important that you review that information and understand the scheduling parameters.  Information on the PSI testing centers is also available on NALA’s website and NALA will send you an email about it after you apply to take exam. You need to get your PSI testing sessions scheduled as soon as possible.  But before you schedule, read the information in Canvas.


To access Canvas, go to:


The CP Review course will open in Canvas on Thursday, May 14. 

You can register for the CP Review course as late as noon on Thursday, May 28.

More details on the CP Review course, the CP exam, and testing is available in Canvas.  The course study material will not be available in Canvas until the course begins on May 30.


Below is the revised course schedule:


Saturday, 5/30 - Course & Exam Overview: 12:00-12:30 (WebEx)

Saturday, 5/30 - Civil Litigation: 12:45-3:30 (WebEx)

Saturday, 5/30 - Criminal Law & Procedure: 3:45-5:45 (WebEx)

Saturday, 5/30 – Torts (Podcast only)


Friday, 6/5 - Professional & Ethical Responsibility: 6:30-9:00 PM (WebEx)


Saturday, 6/6 - Real Estate & Property: 12-2:30 (WebEx)

Saturday, 6/6 - Estate Planning & Probate: 2:45-5:45 (WebEx)


Sunday, 6/7 - Corporate/Commercial Law: 12-2:45 (WebEx)

Sunday, 6/7 - Contracts: 3-5:30 (WebEx)


Tuesday, 6/9 - Communications: 6:30-9 PM (WebEx)


Saturday, 6/13 - United States Legal System: 12-4:30 (WebEx)

Saturday, 6/13 - Skills Exam Prep Info Session: 4:45-5:30 (WebEx)

Saturday, 6/13 - Skills Exam Memo Structure Review: Available after 4:30 (Podcast only)


Sunday, 6/14: Mini-Memo Skills Exam Review: 12-2 (WebEx)


Saturday 6/20: Practice Skills Exam Memo 1 Due in Canvas

Saturday, 6/27: Practice Skills Exam Memo 2 Due in Canvas

Saturday, 7/4: Practice Skills Exam Memo 3 Due in Canvas