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Open Pathway Model

Executive Team:

  • Ms. Chris Haines – Interim President of Phoenix College
  • Dr. Marian Gibney – Tri Chair, Faculty and Chair of Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Casandra Kakar- Tri Chair, VP Academic Affairs
  • Ms. Jan Binder - Assurance System Coordinator, Director of Planning Research & Institutional Effectiveness

Resource Team:

  • Ms. Jan Binder – Tri Chair, Director of Planning, Research and Effectiveness
  • Ms. Christine Moore – Library Faculty and Quality Assurance Project Leader

Federal Compliance Team:

  • Ms. Jan Binder – Co Chair, Director of Planning, Research and Effectiveness
  • Ms. Chris Haines – Co Chair, Dean of Students 

Criterion One


  • Ms. Michelle Klinger - Tri Chair, Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Mr. Victor Cornell - Tri Chair, Mathematics Faculty
  • Mr. Kelly Loucks - Tri Chair, Mathematics Administrative Secretary II & PSA Co-President

Criterion Two

Integrity:  Ethical and Responsible Conduct

  • Dr. Mark Koan - Tri Chair, Dean of Technology
  • Ms. Salina Bednarek – Tri Chair, Nursing Faculty & Faculty Senate President
  • Dr. Heather Kruse – Tri Chair, Dean of Students

Criterion Three

Teaching and Learning:  Quality, Resources, and Support

  • Ms. Chris Haines – Tri Chair, Dean of Students
  • Mr. Wilbert Nelson – Tri Chair, Dean of Arts and Science
  • Mr. Kurt Chambers – Tri Chair, Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology-Faculty & Department Chair

Criterion Four

Teaching and Learning:  Evaluation and Improvement

  • Dr. Sharon Halford – Tri Chair, Dean of Industry & Public Service
  • Ms. Sara Rassas – Tri Chair, English/ESL Faculty and Department Chair
  • Ms. Brenda Maynard – Tri Chair, Business Faculty, Program Director & Curriculum Developer Facilitator

Criterion Five

Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

  • Mr. Paul DeRose – Tri Chair, VP of Administrative Services
  • Mr. Scott Hauert, ESQ – Tri Chair, Administration of Justice Faculty and Program Director
  • Ms. Nancy Navarrete – Tri Chair, Faculty and Chair of Counseling
  • Mr. Jim Neuenfeldt – Participating Observer

Adoption of Criteria Team

Criterion One - Ms. Chris Haines                                          Criterion Two - Dr. Gibney

Criterion Three – Dr. Gibney                                    Criterion Four - Dr. Kakar

Criterion Five - Dr. Binder

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