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Fitness Center & Aerobic Classes

Policies and Procedures

 The purpose of these policies is to provide consistent guidelines for all students enrolled in Lifetime Fitness, Weight Training or Group Exercise classes.  Our goal is to create a safe and enjoyable exercise environment for our diverse student population.  We have students of all ages, ability, fitness levels and commitment as well as ethnicities in our Fitness and Aerobics Center.  As such, please be considerate of others.  We want everyone to enjoy a healthy and fun environment.  Yes, we have rules but they are made with YOU in mind. 

  1)      Exercise Clothing:  Clothing should be comfortable and conducive to exercise, and not restrict your movement

a)      Upper body

i)        Acceptable: Short or long-sleeved T-shirts and sweatshirts.

ii)       Unacceptable: Muscle shirts, tank tops, halter tops, sports bras, half-shirts, rubber/plastic suits or cut off sleeves on shirts and anything revealing the abdomen.

b)     Lower body

i)        Acceptable: Athletic shorts, sweats, tights, track suits, and warm-ups.

ii)      Unacceptable: cutoff shorts, casual pants and shorts, jeans, street clothes, belts, or clothes with exposed rivets or zippers.


2)     Shoes

a)      Shoes must be worn to exercise.  Proper shoes help prevent foot and leg problems and make exercise more fun.  We also recommend wearing cotton athletic socks.

b)      Acceptable: Fully enclosed athletic shoes, cross trainers, tennis shoes, aerobic shoes, walking shoes, hiking shoes/boots or jogging/running shoes.

c)      Unacceptable: Open toe or heel shoes, sandals, thongs, work boots, dance slippers, aqua-shoes, heels, work boots, penny loafers or shoes with cleats.


3)     Tobacco/Drugs/Alcohol (see the Student Handbook for details)

a)     These substances are not allowed in the Fitness and Aerobic Center or Locker Rooms.  Any student suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to use the Fitness or Aerobic Center. 


4)      Food and Beverages

a)      Only bottled water and clear containers with water are allowed to be carried in Fitness Center.

b)      Sport or protein drinks must be in clear containers and must remain on the counter.

c)      No food (including gum) is allowed in the Fitness and Aerobic Center.


5)      Personal Hygiene

a)      Students are expected to maintain proper hygiene while using the Fitness or Aerobics Center.

b)     Please use towels to wipe off exercise equipment after use.


6)      Conduct

a)      The Fitness and Aerobics Center is a classroom – treat it with respect.

b)     Pagers and cell phones are not permitted. The telephone is not for student use.

c)      Proper conduct is expected at all times when you are in the Fitness and Aerobics Center.  Foul language or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.  An instructor will ask you to leave if your behavior is improper and you will not be allowed to return to class until the Department Chair and/or Dean of Students have cleared you.

Cheating is grounds for withdrawal from the course and academic probation.  Think before you cheat. If you are caught, you will not be allowed to return to class until the Department Chair and/or Dean of Students have cleared you.


7)     Towels

a)      Workout and shower towels are provided to all students.  After presenting your Phoenix College ID for check-in, you can pick-up a workout towel.  During checkout, please return your workout towel and you will receive your ID.

b)      Shower towels can be obtained in either locker room.  If the locker room attendant is unavailable, you can checkout a shower towel in the Fitness Center.  You will need to leave your ID with the staff until you return the towel.


8)      Lockers

a)      Lockers are available to all enrolled students.  We will provide the locker and lock, issue your combination, and launder your PC towels. Please do not change clothes in the Restrooms.    

b)      We are not responsible for personal items brought into the Fitness or Aerobics Center.  Use your locker to store any valuables/personal items, or locker provided in the Fitness Center. 

c)      If you forget your combination, the locker room attendant will gladly assist you.  If the attendant is not available, check with a Fitness Center Instructor or Security.


9)      ID Card

a)      All students must present their Phoenix College ID card to gain access to the Fitness and Aerobics Center.  ID cards are collected for check-in and returned when you checkout. 

b)      If you do not have your ID card, you will not be allowed to use the facility.

c)      If you have checked into the Fitness or Aerobics Center and choose to leave, you must checkout.  If you leave without notifying the staff, you will be checked out and any exercise time will be deleted for that visit.  Leaving the Fitness or Aerobics Center while checked-in will be considered as cheating. 


10)  Visitors

a)      Visitors are not permitted in the Fitness and Aerobics Center unless accompanied by HELP Department staff.  Only enrolled students may enter the facility.

b)     If you are interested in having a friend/visitor use the facility, guest passes are available.  Please see the instructor on duty in the Fitness Center to obtain a One-Week Guest Pass and fill out the necessary paperwork.


11)  Exercise

a)      If you have checked-in to the Fitness or Aerobics Center, the expectation is that you will exercise while in the center. 

b)      The instructor may “log-out” any student who is not exercising.

c)      A maximum of 3 exercise hours can be accumulated for students enrolled in Credit classes.


12)  Equipment

a)      It is important that you ask for directions or a demonstration before using new equipment in the Fitness and Aerobics Center.

b)     When using the Free Weights, use collars on all weights.  If you need a “spotter” ask for assistance.

c)  Please report any equipment that is malfunctioning or broken to the instructor.  

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