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 Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Dr. Corina Gardea
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Table of Contents
  1. Fall Convergence
  2. Women's Leadership Group 
  3. Items Approved at Governing Board Meeting
  4. Newest Adjunct Faculty Member
  5. Arizona Nursing Exam Pass Rate Highest in U.S.
  6. Hiring Status of Two New Positions
  7. Birthday Corner
  8. Enrollment Figures as of August 25, 2004
  9. Changes in Evening/Weekend Office
  10. Prop 401 Question of the Week

1.   Our traditional Fall kick off meeting that has been renamed "Fall Convergence" provided an opportunity to welcome everyone back for the new academic year and bring focus to our work ahead.  The following priorities for the 2004/05 academic year were announced at the meeting:
  • Higher Learning Commission self- study
  • Continued strategic planning in a time of shifting paradigms
  • Maricopa Community College District Bond
  • PC Basics
2. The Women’s Leadership Group (WLG) is now accepting and renewing memberships for 2004-2005.  If you are interested in becoming a WLG member for 2004-2005, please notify our campus representatives:
  • Tresa Miller (Advisement) – 57792 
  • Christy Skeen (Institutional Advancement) –57842 
The mission of the Maricopa Community Colleges Women’s Leadership Group (WLG) is to provide for the continuous development of a strong and supportive work environment for the diverse women of the Maricopa Community Colleges.  Membership is open to all employees from all employee groups within the District.  The cost to join is only $5.  WLG is a great venue to hone your networking skills.  For more information, please visit the WLG web site at http://www.maricopa.edu/wlg/about.htm

3.    PC Related Items Approved at the August 24th Governing Board Meeting

Short-term Employment

Tanya F. Armel OYO-Faculty ESL
A. Dreamer OYO-Faculty Interpreter Training Program
Thad B. Walker Short Term Athletic Specialist
Kelly T. Loucks Short Term Administrative Assistant II


Susan Shuman Faculty
Nina Hsieh Athletic Specialist
Robert Hahn Custodian I

The following Action Items were approved: 

  • Grant  to PC of $259,273 from U.S. Department of Education for Student Support Services Program
  • Arizona Women's Education and Employment (AWEE) Lease Agreement-City College Center
4. Congratulations to Christy Skeen, Office of Institutional Advancement.  She has joined the ranks of PC's adjunct faculty.  Christy is teaching English 071 this semester.

5.  The statewide first-time passing rate on the national licensure exam for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN®) for the second quarter was the highest in the United States excluding the territories.  At 93.61%, the pass rate for Arizona's nursing program graduates represents 425 (out of 454) graduates of Arizona community college and university nursing programs who passed the exam on the first attempt.  This was only exceeded by Northern Mariana Islands where one candidate took and passed the exam resulting in a 100% pass rate. The national passing rate for the same period was 88.45%.  Kathy Malloch Ph.D. R.N. who is vice president of the Arizona State Board of Nursing and chairperson of the Education Committee expressed support and congratulations to all the nursing programs in Arizona for this remarkable achievement. Just two years ago, the State Board of Nursing was concerned over low NCLEX pass rates posted by Arizona nursing programs and held a statewide meeting to discuss the issue with program representatives.  At that meeting, the programs were asked to identify factors leading to success or failure on the exam and present a plan to improve scores.

The NCLEX-RN competency examination test is required for nursing licensure in all states.  The exam is computer adapted and based on a job analysis of entry-level registered nurses.  The passing standard is assessed every three years.  Board of nursing education consultant Pamela Randolph stated, “The high pass rates of Arizona programs are even more significant because the passing standard for the exam was raised on April 1st of this year.”  Individual programs that posted very high passing rates include: Arizona Western College 96%, Central Arizona College 100%, The Maricopa Community College District Nursing Program 99%, Mohave Community College 100%, Northern  Arizona University 100%, Northland Pioneer College 100%, and Yavapai College 98%. 

Congratulations to the Phoenix College nursing faculty and staff for their hard work and accomplishments.

6. The positon of associate dean, information technology is currently  in the screening process. This position reports to the dean of administrative services.  The position of director, institutional assessment & planning is currently in the final interview stage. This position reports to the president.

7.Happy Birthday

Kenneth Yee 8/23
Maria Enciso 8/25
Brenda Enriquez 8/28

8.  Enrollment Figures as of August 24, 2004
2003 2004 %
Total Headcount 12,555 12,191 -2.89%
Total CR Hours 92,284 91,523 -.82%
Total FTSE 6,152 6,101 -.82%

9.  Bob Sullivan will begin a new role as evening dean.   His hours will be  5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. on Monday through Thursday.   Bob will be located in A-128 and can be reached at 602-285-7660.  Bill King will be the person in charge of weekend operations.  Bob can be reached in the Safety Department.

10. "Prop 401 Question of the Week" 

Can employees be involved in the bond election? 

No employees of the Maricopa Community Colleges may spend any employment time or public resources to influence the outcome of an election.  Employees may exercise their right to vote either by mail or on election day and may express their opinion and exercise their constitutional rights during non-work hours. 

The President's Bulletin is an electronic newsletter published Weekly for PC employees by the Office of the President. Send your suggestions, submissions or comments to news@pcmail.maricopa.eduor call (602) 285-7433.