First Time in College?

Your Guide to Success at PC

Congratulations! You've completed the college placement exam, the first step to a successful college experience.

Students who test into one of the following courses (ENG 071-91, RDG 071-091, MAT 081-083 or MAT 090-092), AND…

  • are new to college with no college credit,
  • plan to earn an associates degree or transfer to a four-year institution,
  • plan to enroll in 7 or more credits,

…MUST attend a BearTrax session before enrolling in classes. Students will receive assistance at BearTrax to enroll in classes which will include a Student Success class.


Steps to Register for BearTrax

STEP 1: Reserve your seat at a BearTrax session
You can register for a BearTrax session by calling the Contact Center at 602.285.7777, or visit the Hannelly One-Stop Enrollment Center (HC building), and let them know you want to register for BearTrax.

STEP 2: Attend your BearTrax session
When you attend the BearTrax session, you will need to bring your test scores, MEID and your 8-digit student ID number.

STEP 4: Get ready to have a blast — and learn lots as a new PC Bear!

Download a list of Fall 2012 BearTrax sessions.