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GED Testing Information

Our walk-in, first-come, first-served testing hours are Monday through Thursday from 8am to 6pm. Please note, no GED test will be administered if the allotted time does not end 10 minutes prior to closing.

No testing on Fridays!

Cost:   $90.00

Retest:  $15.00 per subject test (Retest GED after 30 days wait period)



Sample GED Test Q&A at www.gedtest.org

Need more GED preparation?  Phoenix College offers Ed2go online courses at the following link: http://www.ed2go.com/ctepc/You can also visit the Arizona DOE homepage for more information at http://www.ade.az.gov/adult-ed/ged_home.asp.


Eligibility to test: 

The requirements provided by the Arizona Department of Education include:

You must be at least 16 years of age and have not received a high school diploma or equivalency certificate or diploma.  You need two (2) current valid forms of ID (see list below) and $90.00.

Current Valid ID accepted:  (2) Primaries or (1) Primary and (1) Secondary form

Primary ID - driver's license, state ID card, passport, military ID, a government issued ID with your name, address, date of birth, signature and photograph.  No photocopies or laminated ID's accepted.

Secondary ID - birth certificate, social security card, AZ DPS Class 1 or 2 fingerprint card with photo, bank card with photo.  No photocopies or laminated ID's accepted. 

If you are 16 or 17 years of age, these are your eligibility requirements: Two (2) current valid forms of ID (see list above); $90.00 test fee; a notarized letter of consent to take the GED test signed by your parent or legal guardian; and a school withdrawal letter (the letter MUST clearly state that you have been formally withdrawn from that school or are not currently enrolled in any school and have not transferred).  No photocopies or laminated identifications accepted. 


Subject areas (available in both English and Spanish) and passing requirements: 

Writing/Essay (120 min.), Reading (65 min.), Mathematics (90 min.), Science (80 min.),  Social Studies (70 min.).  There is a 20 minute math video that must be viewed by all candidates. Plan your testing time accordingly, you will not be allowed to test in any subject that extends past 6pm-closing.

A minimum of 410 points on every test AND a minimum overall score of 2250 points (average 450 points).  Upon successful completion and Passing of all five GED tests your GED diploma will be mailed to you within 14 days.

Note:  If you pass each test with a minimum score of 410 points BUT your cumulative points DO NOT add up to 2250, you must retest in one or more subjects in order to bring your cumulative point total up to 2250. $15.00 per test per subject retest fee.


Accommodation Procedures: 

If an examinee requires special accommodations for testing, he/she must meet with the Chief Examiner. A Request for Testing Accommodations will be provided and explained. Help filling out the forms will be provided if needed. After receiving a complete request along with the appropriate professional documentation of disability, the GED Chief Examiner will send forms to the Arizona Department of Education for approval. This procedure for accommodations applies to GED only. All other requests for special accommodations must be approved by our Disability Resource Center.


Notice:  If you are disruptive or rude, engage in inappropriate behavior and/or language, observed cheating, you will be escorted out of the testing room.  Such inappropriate conduct is grounds for dismissal and/or cancellation of your test scores. Also, all non-essential test items will be placed in a locker.  The GED damaged book fee is $200. Therefore, if it is determined by the GED Room Examiner that an examinee disfigured, wrote-in, torn-out and/or damaged the GED book in any way, a $200 damaged book fee will be assessed to the examinee in order to replace the test battery.  This fine must be paid before testing can resume and/or tests can be scored and results published.



For Official GED Transcripts:
Arizona Department of Education
1535 W. Jefferson Street, Bin #26
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Telephone #: 602-258-2410


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