Phoenix College | Over a Century of Excellence| 1920 - 2021

In 1920, the City of Phoenix was a burgeoning metropolis and the Phoenix Union High School (PUHS) was a highly successful school district, but there were few post-secondary educational opportunities available to Phoenix residents. Two PUHS District administrators envisioned a two-year college and consulted with the University of Arizona to design curriculum.

On September 13, 1920 Phoenix College welcomed its first students, and was initially housed in three small cottages on the PUHS campus on Taylor Street and 6th Avenue. Programs of study included: chemistry, English, home economics, mathematics, mechanical arts, military training, physical training and Spanish. In 1926, the College relocated to its first stand-alone campus, a mansion called Anderson House on Cottonwood Court, across the street from the high school.

Phoenix College grew from its first class of 18 students to enrollment today of more than 12,000, housed on a 50-acre campus in the heart of Phoenix at 11th Avenue and Thomas Road. PC has a long history as a pioneering institution, with a special place in the history of Phoenix and Arizona. PC's founders envisioned the College as a place of inclusion, and the College continues to be a place of diversity, equity and access.

Phoenix College is dedicated to providing student-centered teaching and learning experiences that inspire the lifelong pursuit of educational, professional, and personal goals. PC's vision is to be the premier provider of student-centered learning opportunities for our community to go far close to home.

Historical Timeline

Phoenix College 1920

First College Dean: Weston W. Carpenter - 1920

Phoenix Union High School (PUHS) had 1,500 students attending a burgeoning and successful educational program, however, there were few convenient educational opportunities beyond high school...
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Daniel Jantzen, PUHS Principal, B.F. McFall, a member of the PUHSD Board of Education, and W.W. Carpenter, a popular chemistry teacher, consulted with the University of Arizona and designed a two-year college curriculum. On Sept.13, 1920 Phoenix Junior College (PJC) opened its doors.

The first classes were held in three small cottages on the south side of Taylor Street near Sixth Street, a part of Phoenix Union High School. Nine subjects were taught including: chemistry, English, home economics, mathematics, mechanical arts, military training, physical training and Spanish. Weston W. Carpenter served as the first Dean of PJC. During that first year John Laird and Neil Cook joined Carpenter as the college's first faculty members.

PJC students immediately adopted their own customs and traditions including choosing a mascot "The Bear." As the story goes, a circus came to Phoenix in 1920 and a black bear gave birth to a cub. Someone convinced the circus owners to leave the cub in the care of PJC. The college now had a real live mascot and athletic teams took the name "The Bears." The cub was escorted to all the football games to cheers from the crowds. He quickly became the living embodiment of school spirit.
Phoenix College 1921

Student Government Established - 1921

Early in the fall of 1921, a group of students held a caucus to organize an official student government....
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The founding students had left no written record of the activities of their informal governing body. With enrollment approaching 90, the need for a student governance group was felt to such an extent that a constitution, written by a committee chosen from the caucus, was submitted and accepted by the students the day immediately after the caucus.

A number of clubs were also established during the college's first decade including the Lettermen's Club, Los Ositos Spanish Club, Tau Omega Fraternity, Alpa Sigma Gamma Sorority, Theta Chi Delta Sorority and Masque and Dagger.

1922 PJC Student Executive Board [PHOTO]: left to right - Dave Hill, secretary; Milton Coggins, athletic commissioner; Elizabeth Oster, president of the student body; Harry Green, commissioner of publications; Mr. Cook, faculty advisor; George Alkire, treasurer; Clara Van Doren, social; and Darrell Parker, forensics commissioner.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

First Football Team - 1922

On May 26, PJC held its first Commencement, graduating five students...
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During the year, they also formed their first football team, who took the field in the fall wearing the original school colors of blue and orange. Theatre students staged one of their first theatrical productions, "The Tailor Made Man."
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Student Newspaper Established - 1923

The first issue of "Bear Growls", the student newspaper, debuted on September 28...
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consisting of two sheets of mimeographed paper fastened together with a pin. Founding faculty member Neil Cook advised the student-run newspaper. An inserted section in the PUHS annual, "The Phoenician", was described as "the first volume of the PJC yearbook." John R. Williams, better known as Jack Williams, became governor of Arizona nearly four decades after being the business manager for "Bear Growls".
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Dean, John W. Laird - 1924

John W. Laird, one of the college's founding faculty members, became the second Dean of PJC.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Classes Held at Cottonwood Court - 1925

Four-and-a-half acres at Fillmore and Seventh Street, known as "Cottonwood Court" was purchased and classes moved to this location from...
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the original site of Taylor and Sixth Street, remaining there until the end of the decade. The property included the distinctive Anderson House [PHOTO]. The late Miriam Scott Rhorer, PC class of '29, recalled, "They took all the upstairs bedrooms of the house and turned them into classrooms. The rear porch was glassed and served as a study room. It was furnished with three tables and 12 chairs ... and a glass-door kitchen cupboard that housed the library's initial 250 books."
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1926

During the spring of 1926-27 the state legislature, following the lead of other progressive state legislatures, passed a law...
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authorizing and legalizing the creation and maintenance of Junior Colleges in Arizona. Until 1927, the junior college operation was extra-legal as there was nothing in the laws of Arizona to authorize its existence. During these seven years [of extra-legal existence] there were a total of 100 graduates.

In the spring, sophomores called for a "ditch day," which in 1925 was extended to the entire school and named "Bear Day," a tradition of school spirit, fun and festivities that continues today. According to the college catalog (1928-29), "Bear Day [PHOTO] is a tradition during the spring ... a regular college day is devoted to recreational and fraternal purposes. On this day, all class work is suspended."

Student recognition in the form of a trophy became a popular tradition. In 1926, M.B.E. Marks donated the first "Marks Trophy", which was to be awarded each year at the honor assembly to the student voted "best all around man of PJC," giving consideration to his scholarship rating, athletic achievement, leadership and attitude.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Dean Henry A. Cross - 1927

From 1927-1932, Henry A. Cross served as dean of PJC. Succeeding John Laird, he became the third dean to lead the college.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Formal NCA Accreditation - 1928

In 1928, formal recognition of the Phoenix Junior College to membership in the North Central Association was hailed as a forward step in the scholastic standing of the school. Before NCA accreditation,...
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PJC had been accredited by a number of individual colleges and universities in the form of letters of agreement to accept student credits. (Dillard, 2005)

On March 8, voters approved a bond issue of $625,000 for the construction of new buildings for PUHS and PJC, in addition to improvements and additions to existing buildings and equipment. The new PJC building was constructed north of Cottonwood Court on East Fillmore and North Seventh Street. PJC students had new classrooms, an auditorium, gymnasium and library. The Bear's Den became the popular place for students to socialize.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

First Decade Ends Strong - 1929

By the end of the decade students could register in the following programs: agriculture, aviation, education, general, liberal arts, pharmacy, pre-legal, secretarial, commerce, engineering, home economics...
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music, pre-dental, pre-medical and the teacher's college.

The Women's Athletic Association [PHOTO] organized at PJC sponsored a variety of sports in which girls could participate, including the first women's football team of its kind. The team was described in a local newspaper - "Beauty romped around the Phoenix Union High School stadium gridiron last night in gridiron suits, passed, tossed, kicked and fought over a little football."
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1930

George "Dutch" Hoy was hired by Dean Cross to build an athletics program. Coach Hoy is credited with having the broadest and longest impact on PJC athletics, spanning nearly 40 years from 1930 - 1967...
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Women's volleyball [PHOTO] became the first major team sport for women. The Women's Hiking Club and Rifle Club were organized later in the year.

With its founding decade established, PJC started the fall semester with nearly 300 students, 60 percent from Phoenix Union High School. Nearly 18 percent (85 students) came from other Arizona educational institutions and almost half of the states in the nation were represented among the student body (Dillard, 2005).

Publications such as the college's General Catalog spelled out basic information such as tuition and fees as well as social mores on campus -"...there is a tradition to the effect that no student smokes or gambles on the territory of or within two blocks of the entire territory of which the Phoenix Junior College is a part ... there is another tradition to the effect that students of Phoenix College do not drink intoxicating liquors." (Dillard, 2005).
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Mascot: The Zerolene Bear "Bumstead" - 1931

Student Don Marquess obtained the "Zerolene Bear" from the Standard Oil Company, which had used the 900-pound, concrete and porcelain statue to advertise oil...
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Christened "Bumstead" by student Gertrude Mach, the mascot followed the students to the new campus on Thomas Road in 1939, where he was placed on permanent display in front of the auditorium. Vandals periodically kidnapped and attacked the mascot, with the local newspaper carrying daily reports.

One of the earliest references to the existence of an alumni association appeared in "Bear Tracks", "This post graduate association was formed primarily to help the student body in its relations with the alumni during Homecoming and like affairs."
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Dean Harry B. Wyman - 1932

Harry B. Wyman became the fourth dean of PJC and served until 1947."Bear Tracks" became a weekly newspaper. All issues were bound together at the end of the year creating the college's annual "Sandprints". (Dillard, 2005).
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

"Masque of the Yellow Moon" - 1933

Walter and Neil Cook, PC Journalism instructor and PUHS District graduate wrote the script for the "Masque of the Yellow Moon", one of largest entertainment events held in Phoenix....
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The event held at the PUHS Montgomery Stadium, began in 1926 and by the mid-1930s had become one of the most outstanding theatrical events in America. Eventually, five Phoenix high schools and Phoenix College would participate. The last show was produced in 1955.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1934

The first evening classes began and are offered until 1944-45 and PJC's Radio Club officially went on the air Friday, May 18, under the call letters W6EKU. (Dillard, 2005)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Student Clubs - 1935

PJC built the fourth largest telescope in Arizona installing it in 1935 in an observatory built by Walter Bennett and gifted to the college Astronomy Club, by his widow...
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Members of the astronomy club used the building for observation and research work, according to sponsor D.F. Stone. The observatory is 12 feet in diameter and 18 feet in height. An 8-inch telescope with tubes 8 feet long, donated to the society by member Bob Wallace, was placed in the observatory. (Dillard, 2005)

The Woodsen Social and Literary Club, first organized by African-American students in 1933, held a formal initiation for new members. Because the club had grown so rapidly in the prior two years a procedure for admittance was demanded by the older members. (Dillard, 2005)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Mascot: "Bumstead the Bear" - 1936

"...Freshmen painted the Bear statue and their artistry was supervised by paddle-wielding sophomores. According to published reports, the freshmen lost the annual “tie-up” to the sophomores. ...
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Someone then forgot his place during an indiscretion and gave the sacred black concrete statue a coat of green paint. The next morning following the incident, the dominant sophomores lined up the freshmen and supervised the scraping off of the green paint and the redecoration in more sedate black." (Dillard, 2005).
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Faculty - 1937

Enrollment reached more than 600 students with a budget of approximately $100,000. During that year, the Board of Education proposed to constituents the building of a new junior college facility...
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on the current site at Thomas Road and 15th Avenue to provide for future growth. The college had 24 full-time professors with nine assistants and part-time teachers instructed in 26 courses of study.

Laura Heron, a coach on the 1928 US Olympic Team, was hired as the first Women's Head Coach, a position she held until 1966. Heron was credited with mentoring generations of athletes and opening doors for women in athletics at PJC. Following the 1974 passage of Title IX, which provides for equal funding for women's athletics -- women's sports were no longer banned from intercollegiate competition. ("A History of Phoenix College" DVD, 2005)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Breaking Ground on a New Site - 1938

By the end of the 1930s the college entered an era of new construction and growth. Plans were initiated for the architectural footprint for new buildings encompassing 20 acres of land, which was later expanded to 50...
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Works Progress Administration (WPA) funds were authorized ($750,000), a bond issue ($338,000) for the new location was voted, a site was selected and ground was broken by the end of the year. As construction wound down in the fall of 1939, students attended classes at the new PJC campus located at Thomas and 15th Avenue. The buildings and facilities erected on the new site included: the auditorium (later named after Dr. Mildred Bulpitt), Administration Building, D Building (Library), A Building (Liberal Arts), E Building (Science - later named after Millie Noble), G Building (Gymnasium), cafeteria, and the stadium (later named after George "Dutch" Hoy).
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

A Parade to Move Bumstead - 1939

In November, a parade carried the statue of Bumstead the Bear from the Filmore Street site to the new campus on Thomas Road. The car carrying the bear led the parade, followed by the executive board and the junior college band. (Dillard, 2005)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

PJC Auditorium - 1940

A new Phoenix Junior College (PJC) campus at Thomas and 15th Avenue was dedicated in January at a special ceremony held inside the auditorium. K.A. Goodwin, regional director of the Works Progress Administration called PJC, "not only the finest in his jurisdiction, but in the entire United States. Classes were free but students were assessed a $10 fee for student activities. The fee covered such necessities as towels, speech records, library books and athletics." (Dillard, 2005)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Civilian Pilot Training - 1941

"...Phoenix Junior College is lauded by the Civil Aeronautics Administration as having the best civilian pilot training ground school in the nation."...
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Twenty students completed the Civil Aeronautics Program. The program consisted of 72 hours of ground school given on campus and from 35-50 flying hours given at Sky Harbor Airport by an expert flying instructor and a flight examination. The certification, granted by the Civil Aeronautics Authority, was equal to a private pilot's license. (Dillard, 2005)

Within weeks of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 and the start of World War II, defense bonds and stamps were on sale inside the cafeteria. Air Raid Wardens were appointed for the campus.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Gym Converted to Barracks - 1942

Seven prefabricated cottages were erected in fall that served as quarters for enlistees in the college's Civilian Pilot Training program. The Gym was converted to barracks and, by the end of the academic year, 1,200 soldiers, sailors and airmen completed pilot training. "...With more than 500 students, PJC experienced a 25 percent decrease in enrollment between the first and second semesters. The college registrar commented that the decline was due largely to our entry into the war." (Dillard, 2005)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Cadets - 1943

For the first time in 17 years, the annual "Masque of the Yellow Moon" was not presented. The male population of PJC decreased daily in spring of that year as soldiers continued to leave for war. An article in the May issue of the student paper "Bear Tracks" said, "Man is what pretty soon there isn't going to be any more of around this place, so the women are having to fill their shoes in many ways." (Dillard, 2005).
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Training for Cadet Nurses - 1944

More than 30 female students were studying to be Cadet Nurses. Included in the training was coursework at St. Monica's Hospital, later renamed Phoenix Memorial Hospital. (Dillard, 2005).
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Faculty Wives Club - 1945

he Phoenix College Faculty Wives Club was organized in December on an informal basis, having no set meeting dates, to entertain the wives of new faculty members. The first event was a tea. The club remained active through 1976.

"Look Magazine", one of the major national picture magazines of the era, chose PJC as one of 15 outstanding junior colleges and one of America's 100 best schools.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Phoenix College Logo - 1946

The circular college logo is updated to include a bear, cactus, mountain and PJC auditorium.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1947

Dr. Robert J. Hannelly [PHOTO] became the fifth dean of the college. Following his tenure as dean, he became the first president of the Maricopa Community College District in 1963. Mildred Noble was Hannelly's well-known secretary...
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Dean Hannelly and Physics Professor Amos Hoff made newspaper headlines during the year for conducting an experiment creating man-made rain over Roosevelt Dam.

The October issue of "Bear Tracks" reflected an official name change for Phoenix College: "On September 15th, Phoenix College opened its doors for the fall semester of 1947. The largest enrollment of students (1,269) in the history of the school found many new and revitalized features about the Thomas Road campus among which, was the agreeable fact that Phoenix College was no longer a Junior College - in name at any rate."

Student Body President Bob Howell graduates. Bob returns to Phoenix College to play an integral role in re-founding the Phoenix College Alumni Association in 1989. He leads the association in building membership and fundraising efforts. The Bob Howell Alumni Center is named in his honor in 2006 in recognition of his contributions to the PCAA and the college.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights - 1948

Dr. Hannelly was pleased to present a diploma to his daughter Mary Hannelly during the 1948 Graduation Ceremony at Phoenix College [PHOTO]. Legendary theatre professor John W. Paul arrived at Phoenix College...
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He is credited with building one of the finest speech and drama programs in the nation, retiring in 1983 after more than 35 years of service. The John Paul Theatre building, constructed in 1977, was later named in honor of his years of service

In the spring of 1948 the Associated Men's Student Group launched the Phoenix College Annual Songfest. It was held at the Encanto Park Bandshell the night before Bear Day. All campus clubs and organizations were eligible to participate. Trophies were awarded for the best men's, women's and mixed group with a Sweepstakes Trophy awarded to the best overall. The success of the first all-college Song Festival made it a college tradition. Archives suggest the event ran at least through 1969.

Student recognition in the form of a trophy became a popular tradition. In 1926, M.B.E. Marks donated the first "Marks Trophy", which was to be awarded each year at the honor assembly to the student voted "best all around man of PJC," giving consideration to his scholarship rating, athletic achievement, leadership and attitude.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

PC Student named Miss America - 1949

Phoenix College student Jacque Mercer was named Miss America. She later wrote a book entitled "How to Win a Beauty Contest" giving expert advice to many later contestants. According to the Miss America website Jacque's ancestors included President James Polk and Daniel Boone. She grew up on the X-Bar-X Ranch in Litchfield, Arizona.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

The Evening Division - 1950

The decade started out on a high note. According to the "Sandprints" annual Phoenix College was considered one of the 15 outstanding junior colleges in the nation. Dr. E.W. Montgomery, president of Phoenix College, observed his 25th anniversary as a member of the college system, enrollment topped 1,000 and a formalized evening division was started. By 1951 enrollment would reach 2,200 with half of the students attending in the evening.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Phoenix College Not Segregated - 1951

Until 1954, most elementary and high schools in Arizona were racially segregated. Phoenix College never was. When the 1951 Student Body President Eldridge Gonaway [PHOTO], an African American,..
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was elected, Dean Hannelly wrote that he was questioned by a prominent business leader as to why Gonaway was president. Hannelly replied that the student received the majority of votes. (McCune video, 2006)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Dr. E.W. Montgomery Retires - 1953

After 27 years of service, Dr. E.W. Montgomery [PHOTO], considered "Mr. Education of Phoenix," retired in June as the first PC leader and superintendent of PUHSD...
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Howard Pyle issued a tribute to Dr. Montgomery citing him as one of Arizona's "most distinguished and successful representatives."

For six consecutive years, the Associated Collegiate Press awarded "Bear Tracks" an "All American" rating and in 1953 the Columbia Scholastic Press group awarded "Medalist" rank to the paper. "Bear Tracks" was edited and published by the journalism and photography students.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Dean named to New Evening Division - 1954

John Prince was named the first dean of the Evening Division.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Fine Arts Center Opening - 1955

In 1955, Phoenix College boasted the only flying course solely incorporated within any school in the country [PHOTO]. E. B. "Boots" Watts, developed the college's aeronautics department into one of America's...
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finest flying schools. Ground school could be taken as a regular credit course but flight training was done through Phoenix College's aviation club, Wings and Goggles.

Two, one-story structures christened the Fine Arts center (J-K and Bons Hall) were completed and house such fine art subjects as speech, drama, art, photography and all courses of music including hand, orchestra, choir and harmony. Each of the two long rectangular-shaped buildings, which measure 150 feet in length and 45 feet in width, contain five classrooms designed with comfort of the students in mind.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Radio Program: "Meet the Professor" - 1956

KOY Radio continued the on air program "Meet the Professor". The purpose of the program was to acquaint the public with exactly what Phoenix College meant to students...
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Each week a student was selected to introduce his favorite teacher to the public. The questions that were asked helped the public better understand how the college served the community.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1957

Local CBS affiliate station KOOL-TV broadcasts Phoenix College evening classes.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Traditions: Recognition - 1958

The College traditions continued to be strong in the 50's. Student Clubs retained popularity and trophies were a significant form of recognition....
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The origins of the prestigious "13 Club" [PHOTO] date back prior to 1931: "Twelve men are chosen from the Freshmen Class, the best representative of high manhood, socially and scholastically. These men, along with the Dean of Students constitute the 13 Club. ...Near the end of the second semester 21 outstanding freshmen women are chosen as the best representatives of womanhood, socially and scholastically. These are known as the Honor Board. A 3.00 grade average is required. The Honor Board is chosen based on character, attitude, service, scholarship, and leadership." (College Tradition, Student Handbook)

Alpha Sigma Gamma was presented the Phelps Trophy consisting of a silver loving cup, awarded each semester at Honors Assembly to the women's Greek letter society, which attained the highest grade point ratio for the preceding semester. The first Phelps Trophy was won for five successive semesters by Theta Chi Delta and became their permanent property. Student Tom Hulen was awarded the Phoenix College Rosenzweig Award, a watch presented each year to the man of Phoenix College who is considered by the Honors Committee as having been of the greatest value in point of service to the institution during this length of attendance. The donors were Margaret Burke Rosenzweig (class of 1936) and her husband Harry Rosenzweig.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1959

Phoenix College established a two-year Nursing Program and the Phoenix College football team celebrated their first undefeated season under Coach Shanty Hogan, which won them a bid to play in the Shrine Potato Bowl in Bakersfield, California. Phoenix College went on to win the Potato Bowl in front of 20,000 spectators.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Tradition: "The Prom" - 1960

"...In the spring the sophomore class honors the freshman class with a dance attended by faculty and students. The Freshmen return the courtesy with a prom in honor of the sophomores." "College Traditions", Student Handbook)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Evening Dean Dr. Mildred Bulpitt - 1961

Dr. Mildred Bulpitt makes history by becoming one of the first women in the country to hold a position at the administrative level in a capacity outside of the more traditional student services area when she is named Dean of Continuing Education and Evening Division. Years later in 1995, Bulpitt Auditorium is named in her honor recognizing her service and contribution to women's leadership in higher education.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Maricopa Junior College District - 1962

Maricopa's citizens elected to establish the Maricopa Junior College District (later renamed the Maricopa County Community College District),...
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to be administered by an elected local Governing Board and the Arizona State Board of Directors for Community Colleges. In 1963, the Phoenix Union High School District voted to transfer Phoenix College to the jurisdiction of the Maricopa Community College District Governing Board. Glendale and Mesa campuses are set up as extensions of Phoenix College.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Students/Alumni in Pageants - 1963

Several students were recognized in state or national pageants for their talents and beauty. The first PC student to hold the Miss Arizona honor was Donna Riggs named Miss Arizona in 1962...
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In 1964, PJC alum Vonda Kay Van Dyke [PHOTO] was named Miss Arizona and in 1965 earned the title of Miss America. Vonda was well known for her ventriloquism performances at the local Legend City Music Hall, a unique talent that she performed in her pageants, and was later known as an accomplished author for books such as "That Girl in Your Mirror" which sold over one million hardcover copies.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Athletic Championship - 1964

With more than 6,000 spectators in attendance, the Phoenix College football team won the NJCAA Georgia Peach Shrine Bowl Championship in Savannah, Georgia under Coach Shanty Hogan...
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Everywhere the team went people wanted to know who they were, so they told them "We are the Bears, the mighty, mighty Bears." The team was honored in 2004 by Phoenix College on their 40th anniversary with their induction into the Athletics Ring of Honor.

The Track Team won Region I and National Championships, and went on to repeat their success in 1965 and 1966 by winning the Region I title. The Golf team won the Region I and National Championships.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Dean J. Lee Thompson - 1965

J. Lee Thompson was named the sixth Dean of Phoenix College, succeeding Dr. Robert Hannelly. Dean Thompson served until 1971 [PHOTO]. During the same year, Sophomore Square was designed and ground was broken...
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for the Hannelly Center, Phoenix College's first Student Union. The 37,000 square foot building opened two years later in March 1967 when it was dedicated in honor of Dr. Robert J. Hannelly. The space is intended to provide a spot of beauty on the campus.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Library Building Completed - 1966

The library building, consisting of 33,000 square feet on three levels, was completed. The floor plan was open and most books and bound periodicals were available on open shelves...
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The Library had individual study carrels, a group study room, and a typing room with free use of manual typewriters. The building was dedicated in honor of the Fannin Family in the 1990's in recognition of their contributions to Phoenix College and the Maricopa Community Colleges. It was also during this time that it underwent a major remodel and renovation, doubling its size.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Celebrities and Famous Alumni - 1967

Movie film star Nick Nolte [PHOTO] attends Phoenix College in 1967. Other celebrity alumni include daytime television star Jamie Lyn Bauer, Tony award winning actor Stephen Spinella, and singer Cecilia "CeCe" Penniston.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1968

In the fall semester of 1968, the first cohort of a new program at Phoenix College began working toward their goal to become dental hygienists. Students in the fledgling program divided their day between classes...
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on the PC campus and service at the clinic, then located at Maricopa Technical College on First Street and Washington. At the clinic, they changed into white uniforms, white hose, and white polished shoes, pinning up their hair so it did not touch the collar. After clinic was completed, they changed clothes again and made the trip back to the Phoenix College campus for more instruction in what was, at that time, the first and only Dental Hygiene program in the state.

The football stadium is dedicated as Hoy Stadium in honor of George "Dutch" Hoy, credited with building and leading Phoenix College's Athletic Program for over three decades. Coach Hoy retired in 1967.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1969

Phoenix College erects the largest telescope (24" reflector telescope) on any Junior College campus in the nation (the Phoenix College Observatory). B-Building is constructed and is approximately 45,000 square feet. Classes housed in the building include Business and English. Phoenix College Yearbook, "Sandprints", is published for the last time
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Campus Buildings - 1970

Buildings C, F, and M are constructed. C-Building, more than 43,000 square feet in size, houses chemistry, nursing and biology classes; F-Building, more than 21,000 square feet in size, houses photography,...
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fine art and ceramics classes; and M-Building, more than 13,000 square feet, houses music, choir and band classes.

During the years 1965 through 1971, four other campuses were being constructed, the major portion of the district's resources were allocated to them. When they were firmly established attention turned to upgrading the facilities at PC. New buildings included the gymnasium, music, fine arts, student center, library, business-English, chemistry/biology/nursing and the maintenance compound. With the exception of the admissions building and the administration building all other structures have been completely remodeled and the long awaited dramatic arts performing center is finally under construction.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Executive Dean Dr. William Berry - 1971

PC graduate and former student of Dr. Robert Hannelly, Dr. William Berry, is named as Executive Dean of Phoenix College...
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The chief officer of the college is the Executive Dean who is responsible for the general administration of the college. As a Vice President of the District, he serves in a District role as part of the President's Management Council. The Executive Dean is appointed by the Governing Board and is the chief administrative and executive officer for the Board at Phoenix College.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Traditions: Rodeo Week - 1972

"Rodeo Week traditionally ties in with the Phoenix JC Rodeo. Western togs are permissible, but no side arms of any kind may be worn. Live animals may not be brought to the campus". ("College Tradition", Student Handbook)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Traditions: Student Spirit - 1973

Students continue to carry out college traditions of celebration including Bear Day and Homecoming. According to the Student Handbook, "Bumstead the Bear is traditionally and symbolically the mascot of the college....
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The president of the Associated Students discusses at the first meeting of the new students, the traditions and customs of Phoenix College. Some of the customs have to do with regulations on the campus: Swim, Dine and Dance is an annual event for ALL College students. This is planned as a NO-DATE mixer. Bear Day is traditionally observed late in the spring. The regular program of classes is set aside for swimming, games and picnicking. ...An annual Homecoming-Parents Day celebration honoring Phoenix College alumni and parents is held during the football season."
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Student Crowned Miss Arizona - 1974

Phoenix College student Mary Elizabeth Avilla was crowned Miss Arizona.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Technology - 1975

The National Science Foundation chose two colleges (Northern Virginia Community College and Phoenix College) to participate in a pilot project for the development of computer-aided instruction...
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"It was a program designed to provide English and math education to students while they sat at individual computers. That was before PCs. Each of the colleges got a hundred computers. ...The idea was to have 100 students working at individual speeds using 100 computers which accessed courseware." - Judy Boschult"

"...Services include Super 8 filming, 35 mm color slide production, making overhead projectuals, black and white photo processing, enlarging and reducing, tape duplicating laminating, dry mounting and sign making. In addition to circulation of equipment the Center also houses some tape recording, numerous photo discs, 35mm slides, film-strips, and kits." (Media Department -Self Study)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1976

The college offers the following technological programs: Electronics, Engineering, Drafting, Building Construction and Criminal Justice in additional to an electronic servicing course in Radio and TV Servicing....
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The Allied Health Programs include Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Medical Records Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Bio Medical Technology.

The campus consisted of 18 permanent buildings and six portable buildings on 55 acres of land. Six portable buildings provide office space and classrooms used by the Veterans Affairs staff, the Emergency Medical Technology Department, the Scene Shop, and part of the Speech and Drama Department, Financial Aid, and Placement. There were a total of 116 classrooms and 2,518 parking spaces available to the faculty, staff, and students. Construction begins on the long awaited Dramatic Arts Performing Center.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Student Activities - 1977

Students enjoyed getting together in a wide variety of clubs, from the PSI Club, which was an organization for students wishing to understand psychic phenomena, to the Lettermen's Club,...
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a group of Phoenix College athletes who had received letters for participation in college sports, and whose purpose was primarily to promote college interest in athletic events.

The PC Bear Band was both a concert and marching organization. In the fall the Bear Band performed original marching band shows. In the past they played in Hermosillo, Mexico, Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and New Mexico.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

The Associated Students - 1978

The Associated Students were responsible for drafting and adopting constitutions that represented the student body: "Article I Section I. The name of this organization shall be the "Associated Students of Phoenix College of the Maricopa County Community College District." Section II. The Mascot of this association shall be "Bumstead the Bear." Section III. The official school colors shall be blue and gold."
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Athletics and Honors Societies - 1979

The Phoenix College Softball Team wins both the Region 1 and National Championship titles...
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Students were inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, the national junior college scholastic honorary through a candle lighting ceremony [PHOTO]. PC had two chapters: Mu Sigma, for day students; Rho Pi for evening students. To be eligible for membership the student needed to have completed 15 hours of work with a 3.5 average and be in the upper 5% of his curriculum area.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Coach Thomas "Shanty" Hogan - 1980

Phoenix College legendary coach Thomas "Shanty" Hogan was inducted into the Arizona Sports Hall of Fame in 1980. Hogan coached football for 17 years and golf for 21 years at Phoenix College,...
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and also served as the school's athletic director from 1969-84. The crowning achievement of his success came in 1964 when his teams won national championships in both football and golf. Hogan guided the football Bears to a 118-39-5 record, four bowl games and one national championship (1964 Shrine Bowl) from 1959-1975; produced 14 first-team All-Americans and placed more than 200 players in four-year programs. The football field is dedicated in his honor in October 2006.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1981

Phoenix College's Interpreter Preparation Program was established and continues as the only one of its kind in Maricopa County. The program emphasizes American Sign Language courses, as well as courses on deaf culture,...
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linguistics, ethics and interpreting. Students are trained to become professionals who facilitate communication between the deaf and hearing communities.

As has happened so often over the decades, Phoenix College made sports news across the country with Keith Elgin [PHOTO] capturing the National Junior College Wrestling Championship for the second year. While at PC, Elgin earned a Bachelor of business Administration/Accounting and then received an athletic scholarship to wrestle for Arizona State University, where he received his Bachelor of Science.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

PC Mascot Makes National News - 1982

A short history of the Phoenix College Bear was added to a national publication called "What's in a Nickname?" a collection of the oldest and most colorful college, animal mascots in the United States. [PHOTO: Spirit Line Bear 1991].
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

National Recognition - Athletics -1985

The Cross Country Team won the Region I and National Championships and the Phoenix College baseball field was dedicated in honor of Martin "Pug" Marich, beloved head baseball coach from 1961-1978 and member of the 1983 NJCAA Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1986

Phoenix College awarded re-accreditation by HLC/NCA and the lower level of Hannelly Student Center was remodeled to improve the use of space and provide for the Student Activities office, SAM (Student Activities Management) Council office,...
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and conference rooms; a 6,879 sq ft. Admissions and Records Building was constructed, and a Public Services Building [PHOTO] was built to house the Administration of Justice, EMT and Legal Studies classes. In 1992 the upper Hannelly Center was remodeled to provide for the Counseling Center, Career Center, Re-Entry Program and a Financial Aid Office.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Alumni Association -1988

During the 1980’s, interest and enthusiasm grew among over the idea of forming an alumni association. Plans for formalizing the Association were implemented and by March 1989 a team of 70 charter alumni members,...
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assisted by two college staff members, officially launched the formation of the Phoenix College Alumni Association (PCAA). Shortly thereafter, a volunteer Board of Directors was elected to formalize its structure and the organization was off the ground. The mission of the PCAA: "To preserve the rich heritage of Phoenix College; provide an environment for Phoenix College Alumni to share experiences, opportunities, and fellowship; and, to offer a forum for the alumni of Phoenix College and the students through financial and non-financial programs."
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

President Dr. Myrna Harrison - 1989

Dr. Myrna Harrison succeeds Dr. Bill Berry as the first woman to be named President of Phoenix College.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Classroom of the Future - 1990

A Phoenix College student designed a classroom of the future for the 1990 Ocotillo Retreat which was produced by the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction. The image depicts a future "Group Work Area" and was taken from the "Classroom of the Future" a drawing which was loosely based on an Apple T-shirt of "Gonzo's dorm room". (source:
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Alumni Half-Century Club Established - 1992

Phoenix College Half Century Club, founded by Royal D. Marks '26, was established for alumni that either graduated or attended PC fifty or more years ago. The primary purpose of the Club was to stimulate the interest and activities of older alumni.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

President Dr. Marie Pepicello - 1993

Dr. Marie Pepicello is named President.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1994

Phoenix College adopts a new Mission Statement: "Phoenix College is a comprehensive community college responsive to the changing needs of the community and to individuals pursuing academic, occupational,...
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developmental and personal enrichment goals. The college is dedicated to providing quality educational course, programs and support services." (1996 Self Study)

The College Building Master Plan was reduced in order to meet stipulations of the 1994 Bond Program for Capital Development. The Master Plan now includes the Library Building Addition, Administration and Classroom Building, Classroom Building for Psychology and Speech/Reading [PHOTO Dalby Building 2000]. Maricopa voters approved a $386 million bond for the Maricopa Community Colleges, with $36 million slated for Phoenix College construction and remodeling.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Hightlights 1995

The College purchased an approximately four-acre site adjacent to the northeast corner of the campus from the Congregation of Temple Beth Israel. Among the programs that occupy the site by the end of the decade include the Culinary Cafe, Family Care Center and Alumni and Development. The Noble Engineering-Science Building is dedicated and named after Millie R. Noble, devoted friend and retiree of Phoenix College since 1946.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1996

Phoenix College is awarded re-accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. The Women's Soccer Team was formed.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Student Activities Management Council - 1997

The Student Activities Management Council (S.A.M.) is a selected council of 6-9 students. A committee of continuing members, retiring members, faculty advisors, and the Director of Student Activities selects Council members,...
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who must maintain a 2.5GPA with a load of at least 6 credit hours for day students and 3 credit hours for evening students. Council members receive a tuition waiver and book credit. The Council reviews and approves club by-laws and allocates monies. Through the annual Santa's House, S.A.M. Council and student clubs provided over 500 lower income and disabled children with a visit to Santa. They worked with Toys for Tots to provide gifts for the children. Each spring, S.A.M. council and student clubs co-hosted the two-day City of Phoenix Special Olympics at the campus. (Student Handbook)
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 1999

The Family Care Center was constructed and Sessions Music Theater (located inside Music Building) was dedicated in honor of Janet Sessions [PHOTO], beloved music faculty and department chair from 1982 until her untimely death in 1998....
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Her many accomplishments included leading the well-known Chamber Singers and producing and hosting "PC Magazine", a weekly cable news program about Phoenix College, for many years.

The Men's Basketball Team wins Region I and District I Division II Championships, their victory is repeated in 2000, 2005, 2006 (Region), and 2008 and PC becomes the first community college to host a convening of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court.

The Phoenix College Alumni Association (PCAA) launched "Hall of Fame" with an all-class reunion celebrating the 10th anniversary of the PCAA. "Back to the Future: Bumstead's Return" feted inaugural honorees include Royal D. Marks '26, Leo Dominguez '39, Dr. Morrison Warren '43, Marshall Trimble '58, Bill McCune '65, Dr. Carnella Hardin '76, Carolynn Holomon '86, David Tung '92 and Coach Shanty Hogan. Entertainment featured alums Joe Bousard, JoAnn Yeoman, Patti Williams and the McConnell Singers. Marty Manning '70 served as Master of Ceremonies. A highlight of the event was the restoration and rededication of the more than fifty year-old Bumstead the Bear statue, which had been missing for decades.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2000

he softball team begins a ten-year winning streak under Coach Heinz Mueller. The team wins Region I Championship and National Championship titles each year through 2009 for Division II...
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The Dalby Building was constructed and dedicated in honor of Dr. David Dalby, Psychology faculty from 1973 until his untimely death in 1990. Dr. Dalby was well known for his generosity with his time and energy in the support of the academic success of his students. Continuing that legacy, Dr. Dalby left the entirety of his retirement savings to Phoenix College to fund student scholarships, representing the first largest contribution ever made to the college. During this same year, the Administration Building and “H’ Building are also renovated.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

President Dr. Corina Gardea - 2001

Dr. Corina Gardea is named President. The weight room is renamed in June the "Boyd Epley Strength Center" in honor of alumnus Boyd Epley '67, renowned innovator in the field of Athletic Strength Conditioning.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Student Programs - 2002

Achieving a College Education, or ACE, was introduced at Phoenix College in 2002 after successful implementation at other Maricopa Community Colleges. Targeting at-risk high school students,...
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ACE participants take concurrent high school and college coursework while participating in mentoring activities. Upon high school graduation, they enroll full-time at Phoenix College before eventually transferring to a university to complete their degree.

The Student Ambassador Program [PHOTO] helps to recruit and retain students by training student leaders who reflect the diversity of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The Program quickly became something more than a recruitment and retention tool, emerging as a vehicle to develop true leaders equipped with academic and professional skills.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Storybook Stagecoach - 2003

"The Storybook Stagecoach", performed each spring semester for the last 13 years by a troupe of Phoenix College students, brings children's literature to life on the stage of the John Paul Theatre. The highly interactive program encourages young audiences to read and introduces them to the idea of college.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2004

The voters of Maricopa County approved a new issuance of General Obligation (GO) Bonds totaling $951,359,000, which would include an allocation of approximately $55,000 for facility improvements incorporated into the Phoenix College master plan...
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The first phase of the plan involves new buildings for Fine Arts and Maintenance Services. Future projects include remodeling and expansion of Hannelly Center to centralize student related services, remodeling of the current Fine Arts Building and C Science Building, the construction of a new Student Union Building, and upgrading technology across the campus.

An effort was begun to identify standards of service that our students and community should expect from us and we should expect from each other. After extensive meetings with benchmark organizations like Banner Hospitals, Ritz Carlton Hotels and Disney, a team devised the eleven standards of service excellence now known as The PC Basics. The PC Basics serve as the values for Phoenix College. PC Basics: Agility, PC Pride, Integrity, Respect, Exceed Expectations, Enjoy, Engage, Innovate, Seek Solutions, Responsive Communication and Commitment.

Phoenix College and the Alumni Association is awarded a 2003 CASE Gold Medal for "Best Practices in Alumni Relations" for their collaboration with the ACE Program to deliver Personal Money Management workshops to students and parents. The program is voted the Phoenix College Innovation of the Year in 2004 and wins a grant from American Express Company for nearly $20,000 to continue through 2007. The Personal Money Management workshops were conceived and developed by the Half-Century Club's Dick and Patty Stapley Norton in collaboration with the PCAA and Alumni Staff.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

PC alumna Stella Pope Duarte receives the American Association of Community Colleges Alumni of the Year Award - 2005

In 2005, PC alumna Stella Pope Duarte receives the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Alumni of the Year Award.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2005

Dr. Anna Solley, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs for the Maricopa Community Colleges, was named Acting President of Phoenix College by Chancellor Rufus Glasper.
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Dr. Solley provided leadership for the college's successful self-study efforts and reaccreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association. She also formed an advisory committee comprised of 30 key community leaders to share ideas about educational programming efforts and resources. The President's Advisory Council members would serve as ambassadors and advocates by identifying resources and opportunities for the college.

Phoenix College celebrated its 85th Anniversary on September 13, 2005. During the ceremony, proclamations from Governor Janet Napolitano and Mayor Phil Gordon were read declaring it "Phoenix College Day." Afterward, members of the campus community gathered outside for a commemorative photo in which students, faculty and staff formed the shape of the college spirit symbol - the "Bearpaw".
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

President Dr. Anna Solley & Highlights - 2006

Dr. Anna Solley was named President of Phoenix College and the college mission, vision and values were updated to reaffirm the commitment to teaching and learning. The Vision Statement:...
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Phoenix College will be the premier provider of learning opportunities for our community to go far, close to home; the Mission Statement: Phoenix College delivers teaching and learning experiences that inspire the lifelong pursuit of educational, professional, and personal goals for our diverse urban community; and Values (PC Basics): Agility, PC Pride, Integrity, Respect, Exceed Expectations, Enjoy, Engage, Innovate, Seek Solutions, Responsive Communication and Commitment.

In April 2006, a visiting team of seven consultant evaluators from the Higher Learning Commission recommended that Phoenix College be accredited for another ten years. The accreditation process represented an opportunity for Phoenix College to showcase its commitment to teaching and learning and the community.Recognized as an outstanding alumna, Governor Mofford was one of a host of history makers inducted into the Phoenix College Hall of Fame. Two powerhouses in college athletics, Coach Thomas "Shanty" Hogan and Coach George "Dutch" Hoy, were also honored for their legacy during a dedication ceremony naming the Phoenix College football field as Hogan Field and rededicating the stadium as Hoy Stadium.

More than 300 people attend the Raul H. Castro Institute (RCI) Fall 2006 Symposium to listen to experts speak on key health issues facing the Hispanic/Latino community. The Institute housed at Phoenix College, was named after the Honorable Raul H. Castro, the first and only Mexican-American Governor of Arizona (1975- 1977).
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Fundraising and Plaza Dedication - 2007

Students, faculty, and staff celebrated with community members at the dedication of the Ed and Verma Pastor Plaza [PHOTO], as Phoenix College President Dr. Anna Solley formally named the vibrant plaza in front of the Library in honor of U.S. Representative Ed Pastor, D-AZ, and his wife, Verma Mendez Pastor...
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The Phoenix College "Making Life Better for Generations" campaign, the first major fundraising initiative developed to raise funds for student scholarships, met its $1 million dollar goal in December 2007 - a full ten months ahead of schedule. Key support came from alumni and major gifts included endowed scholarships from the Woman's Club of Phoenix, Wilma Ulrick Memorial Scholarship and Dr. Simon K. Myint. This was also the inaugural year for the PC Alumni Hall of Fame Program, created to recognize alumni for athletic achievements.

Significant progress was made on several objectives including the installation of wireless-internet "hot spots" and computer "self-service" kiosks. And a new student tuition payment plan was instituted that would permit students to make payments on their tuition and fees.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

PC designated as an Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) - 2008

In 2008, PC joined a national list of colleges and universities designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI). This designation made the college eligible for Title V Grant funds, helping establish support programs. In the same year, the first cohort of 26 students graduated from the Bilingual Nursing Program.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2008

Students are introduced to the new Student Information System, which allows them to register for classes, make a payment, view their grades, and obtain enrollment verification and transcripts online at
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The Teacher Prep Charter High School transitioned to the main campus and the Custom Training and Education Department relocated to PC Downtown. And a state-of-the-art electronic courtroom was designed and constructed at the PC Downtown Campus allowing Phoenix College Paralegal students to learn cutting-edge litigation and trial support skills in an environment that mirrors the Maricopa County courtrooms. While the main campus debuted a new single-level parking structure which provided 300 additional spaces and was designed to house a 2,000 square foot College Safety Office.

The football team won the Region I Championship and made it to the Valley of the Sun Bowl, held at Phoenix College.

The Bilingual Nursing Program graduates its first class. The cohort of 30 students began classes in October of 2006. The program was developed to help increase the number of bilingual (Spanish/English) Registered Nurses entering the workforce.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlight - 2009

A two story parking structure; a 9,800-square-foot Operations Center; and a 25,000-square-foot Fine Arts Building featuring state-of-the-art classrooms; and dedicated gallery space was completed...
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The Fine Arts Building received national recognition after being selected by the Construction Management Association of America to receive a 2009 Project Achievement Award as well as a Best of 2009 Arizona Award from Southwest Contractor Magazine.

The Fine Arts "Eric Fischl Gallery", was named in honor of renowned artist and Phoenix College alumnus Eric Fischl '69 [PHOTO]. Among the programs which Fischl has developed since 2005 at PC include the prestigious Eric Fischl Lecture Series, the Fischl Vanguard Award and the Eric Fischl Scholars Program.

The College Value Statements were revised to better reflect the rich legacy of teaching and learning. PC Basics - Our Core Values: Engagement, Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Stewardship.

An online version of the Arizona General Education Curriculum was offered, a program of study that fulfilled lower division general education requirements for students planning to transfer to any Arizona public community college or university. The scholarship application process also transitioned to an online model and the college's Legal Studies Department relocated to the PC Downtown campus, providing closer proximity to the new Electronic Courtroom, the courts, and many law firms.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2010

By 2010, Phoenix College had grown to support over 20,000 students annually and 1,000 employees, including 400 full-time and 600 adjunct/temporary faculty. Instructional departments which had been grouped in ways that once may have worked well but were no longer ideally situated as the college grew, were streamlined from 25 departments to...
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17 instructional departments with an overall goal of providing better service to students. In the spring of 2010, Phoenix College began its Learning College journey with the convocation presentation by the father of that philosophy, Terry O'Banion. Faculty and staff were introduced to the Learning Revolution where "learning is placed first" in every policy, program and practice in higher education.

The "Homecoming Court" [PHOTO] recognized a resurgence in popularity with a highpoint reached during the fall of 2009. Thirteen individuals nominated for the Homecoming Court received over 640 votes from the student body.

Arizona State University (ASU) and Phoenix College formed a partnership to offer students a unique educational pathway offering convenience and cost savings. Students can complete a bachelor's degree in the Medical Laboratory Science program earning 90 college credits from Phoenix College and 30 through ASU. Except for nine upper division general education credits, which could be completed online, the 30 ASU credits are taught at Phoenix College and affiliated clinical sites throughout the Phoenix area.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2011

A lobby renovation in the John Paul Theatre welcomed crowds who came to see the cult class "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (PHOTO). Based on their work on the production, Jessica Hernandez, Mara Tunnicliff, Aurora Sauceda, Julia Laurie, Candice Washburn and Poppy Dunton were invited to participate in the Kennedy Center/American College...
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Theatre Festival. Faculty and staff knowledge and participation in the Learning College philosophy was enhanced at the spring 2011 convocation with in-depth introductions of the philosophy's four pillars: Evaluation, Communication, Collaboration and Responsibility. The fall 2011 convocation continued the Learning College campus communication with updates on activities and actions. The only one of its kind in Maricopa County, the college celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the Interpreter Preparation Program. At the same time, Phoenix College kicked off another one-of-its-kind in Arizona, the Histologic Technology Program, which trains students to provide clinical support in medical and bioscience laboratories.

Also, the college unveiled an exciting new program developed in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management. The Environmental and Natural Resource Stewardship program develops knowledge of the environmental and natural resource issues, problems and policies. Paid field internships are provided through the BLM. Becoming the second of Maricopa Community Colleges with online degree programs, Phoenix College received approval to offer online Associate in Arts, Associate in General Studies and Associate in Applied Science - Administration of Justice degrees.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2012

January 2012, Phoenix College ushered in a new era of student services with the opening of the One Stop Hannelly Enrollment Center featuring high tech efficiency with one-on-one personal assistance. All the departments needed to enroll are under one roof...
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Also welcoming students is the new Student Union with expanded space for club and student leadership groups and offering a game room, coffee bar, laptop recharging stations, computer workstations, large video screens and an outdoor patio for campus events.

Dr. Gerardo E. de los Santos, president and CEO of the League for Innovation in the Community College, spoke at the spring 2012 Convocation about the national Completion Agenda and how it relates to Phoenix College's Learning Centered philosophy. He explained how the goal of increasing degree and certificate completions each year through 2020 is best achieved by PC's focus on improving and expanding student learning as its core objective as a Learning Centered College.

The Honorable Raul H. Castro came to campus as part of the annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. The 95-year-old Castro served as governor of Arizona from 1975 to 1977, as well as serving as ambassador to three countries: Bolivia, El Salvador and Argentina. Phoenix College hosts the Raul H. Castro Institute.

The 90th annual Commencement Ceremony in May 2012 saw one of the largest graduating classes in Phoenix College history. More than 430 students marched in the ceremony and the college conferred over 1,811 associate degrees and certificates to students. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton provided the keynote address.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2013

Phoenix College commemorated the completion of Phoenix College's Hannelly Center Remodel and Expansion project in January 2013. The celebration (PHOTO) featured congratulatory remarks, ribbon-cutting, building tours, refreshments and entertainment by PC music and choral students...
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Notable features in the Hannelly Center include a new cafeteria, additional office spaces, an interactive donor recognition wall, alumni historical display cases and a sustainability wall. Sophomore Square boasts new lush landscaping, walkways, seating and a zero-edge fountain. It is flanked on the north by a new grand entrance stairway and outdoor theatre space, part of the John Paul Theatre expansion and remodel project.

In collaboration with the Maricopa County Community College District Student Success Initiative, Phoenix College welcomed Dr. Terry O'Bannion, the creator of the Learning Centered College philosophy, to kick off On Time Registration that began the fall 2012 semester across all the Maricopa Community Colleges. Fostering success with the best of technology, digital signage was incorporated into all new buildings as a way to communicate with students and staff regarding upcoming events plus important benchmark reminders for students such as registration, financial aid or other deadlines.

Phoenix College partnered with the Bureau of Land Management and Phoenix and Maricopa County Workforce Connections for a 16-week training program to prepare veterans for a career in conservation and resource management. All tuition and fees were paid and vets earned up to 12 college credits and an income during the program. Credential or credits were earned in wild land firefighting, environmental ethics, field biology, career readiness, wilderness first aid and more.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

College Highlights 2014

On April 9, 2014, Phoenix College alumnus and world-renowned artist Eric Fischl commemorated the 10th anniversary of the Fischl Lecture Series with his friend, the multitalented entertainer and art collector Steve Martin (PHOTO). Martin was joined on stage at the Phoenix Art Museum...
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by Fischl and his wife, the artist April Gornik. More than 700 people filled Whiteman Hall and the adjacent gallery. Prior to the art museum event, the trio was on campus to judge the annual Student Art Competition and to select this year's recipients of the Fischl Vanguard Award.

The Phoenix College Veterans Student Center was dedicated March 2014 the space is housed in the newly renovated Hannelly One Stop Center.

Students selected their favorite inspirational quotes and the Learning College committee selected locations to post the passages. These large inspirational works of word art are in the Hannelly Center, the Student Union, the cafeteria plus A and B buildings. From Dr. Seuss to Albert Einstein, these popular sayings remind students to open and expand their minds.

Students, staff, and the community gathered together on February 20, 2014, for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Phoenix College Center for Nursing Excellence. The new facility, located at 3700 N. Third Ave. in Phoenix brings together hands-on simulations and a hospital-like environment for Phoenix College Nursing students.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Christina Haines appointed Interim College President - 2015

Ms. Christina Haines, Pc's Vice President of Student Affairs, is appointed interim College President in 2015.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Innovation of the Year 2015

Phoenix College's 2015 Innovation of the Year, the MyPC Mobile Application for Students, was selected as the district-wide winner of the Dr. Paul M. Pair Innovation of the Year Award...
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The innovation team consisting of Dr. Mark Koan, Dean of Information Technology; John Helterbran, Enterprise Systems Administrator; Scott Morken, Programmer II; Chris Haines, Vice President of Student Affairs; Dr. Heather Kruse, Dean of Student Affairs; and Jason Pociask, Assistant Director of Strategic Information Systems was recognized by the League for Innovation in the Community College for the responsive-design website, which allows students to access critical information from their smart phones or any other web-enabled device. From the app, students can find information such as their class schedule, required textbooks, and use GPS to guide them to each of their classes on campus. Students are also able to upload their class schedule to Google Calendars and check their grades and GPA.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Dr. Larry Johnson, Jr. Appointed President of Phoenix College - 2018

On July 1, 2018 - Dr. Larry Johnson began serving as president of Phoenix College.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

The City of Phoenix and Phoenix College Establish the "Neighborhood College " Partnership 2019

The City of Phoenix and Phoenix College establish the "Neighborhood College " partnership, providing onsite courses for City employees. The partnership was developed after PC President Dr. Larry Johnson and City manager Ed Zuercher reviewed the needs of the City's workforce, and how they could eliminate the need for students to physically travel to the PC campus. Subjects offered included accounting, web development, communication, and customer service, though employees have access to all of the Phoenix College’s business courses.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Phoenix College Kicks Off Centennial Year - 2020

Phoenix College kicks off its Centennial year with faculty, staff, students, and alumni forming the number 100 on the south lawn, January 28, 2020
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

PC Transitions to Virtual Teaching & Learning in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic - 2020

PC Transitions to Virtual Teaching & Learning in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic in March, 2020.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Phoenix College hosts first ever "Carmencement" – Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony - 2020

Keeping safety top of mind, Phoenix College hosted the first ever Carmencement" – Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony on May 29, 2020.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Phoenix College opens Information Technology Institute (ITI) - 2020

Phoenix College opens Information Technology Institute (ITI) in the heart of downtown Phoenix at 640 North 1st Avenue, as an entrepreneurial, innovative, and collaborative learning environment to prepare our students to compete in the diverse Information Technology workforce.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Phoenix College Preparatory Academy Recognized on US News and World Report Best High Schools List - 2020

Phoenix College Preparatory Academy Recognized on US News and World Report Best High Schools List, September, 2020
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

History of Phoenix College Book Released - 2020

The Our Past. Your Future. History of Phoenix College Book is a vivid accounting of Phoenix College's incredible 100-year history. Stories of equity and access are woven throughout the book – memorialized by author and PC alumna, Stella Pope Duarte, with foreword written by Arizona State Historian Marshall Trimble. Proceeds from book sales created the new My Future Scholarship; helping ensure educational opportunity and equity for generations to come.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Phoenix College Celebrates its Centennial - 2020

Phoenix College Celebrated its 100th Anniversary on September 13, 2020. PC's founders adopted an open admissions policy, offering unparalleled access to higher education for everyone seeking to improve their lives through learning. A multicultural and diverse student population has become one of the hallmarks of Phoenix College.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Dr. Clyne Namuo - 2021

Dr. Clyne Namuo appointed Interim President, March 2021.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

PC Softball Brings Home 9th National Title - 2021

On May 30th, in Oxford, Alabama, the Phoenix College Softball Team brought home their 9th National Title under Coach Heinz Mueller, in a 3-2 game against Jones Community College. PC went undefeated with a 5-win, 0-loss record during the tournament, ending their season with a 42-game winning streak and a cumulative team GPA of 3.25.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Women's Soccer Wins National Title With Perfect Record - 2021

Phoenix College's Women's Soccer team ended their season undefeated with a National Championship. The 2020-21 season was a historical year for the team as it was the inaugural year for NJCAA Division II Soccer which makes PC Women's Soccer the first-ever DII National Champions. In addition, they were ACCAC Conference Champions, NJCAA Region I/West District Champions and were ranked number 1 the entirety of the season.
Phoenix College 100th Anniversary Timeline of Events

Phoenix College Alumnus Bequests $4.7 Million to ACE Program Endowment - 2021

Jay Faulkner, Phoenix College alumnus class of 1947, became the largest individual donor to PC, the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation and the Maricopa County Community Colleges District (MCCCD), with a bequest of $4.7 million dollars to the Faulkner ACE Endowment, in August, 2021.