2007 ACCAC Women's Soccer Composite Schedule

August 25, Saturday
South Mountain at Paradise Valley, 9am
Pima at Scottsdale, 4:30pm
Chandler-Gilbert at Phoenix College, 4:30pm
Cochise at Glendale, 10am

August 27, Monday
Cochise at Mesa, 4:30pm

August 29, Wednesday
Scottsdale at South Mountain, 1pm
Phoenix College at Pima, 1pm
Glendale at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm

August 31, Friday
Paradise Valley at Mesa, 7pm

September 1, Saturday
South Mountain at Phoenix College, 4:30pm
Pima at Glendale, 11am

September 3, Monday
Chandler-Gilbert at Cochise, 3:30pm

September 5, Wednesday
Scottsdale at Paradise Valley, 1pm
Glendale at South Mountain, 1pm
Cochise at Pima, 1pm

September 8, Saturday
Mesa at Scottsdale, 4:30pm
Paradise Valley at Phoenix College, 9am
South Mountain at Cochise, 1pm
Pima at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm

September 12, Wednesday
Pima at Mesa, 4:30pm
Glendale at Paradise Valley, 1pm
Phoenix College at Scottsdale, 1pm
Chandler-Gilbert at South Mountain, 1pm

September 15, Saturday
Phoenix College at Mesa, 4:30pm
Cochise at Paradise Valley, 2:30pm
Scottsdale at Glendale, 10am
South Mountain at Pima, 12pm

September 19, Wednesday
South Mountain at Mesa, 4:30pm
Chandler-Gilbert at Paradise Valley, 1pm
Cochise at Scottsdale, 1pm
Glendale at Phoenix College, 4:30pm

September 22, Saturday
Mesa at Glendale, 10am
Paradise Valley at Pima, CC 12pm
Scottsdale at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm
Phoenix College at Cochise, 3:30pm

September 24, Monday
Mesa at Cochise, 3:30pm

September 26, Wednesday
Paradise Valley at South Mountain, 1pm
Scottsdale at Pima, 1pm
Phoenix College at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm
Glendale at Cochise, 3:30pm

September 28, Friday
Paradise Valley at Cochise, 1:00pm

September 29, Saturday
South Mountain at Scottsdale, 4:30pm
Pima at Phoenix College, 4:30pm
Chandler-Gilbert at Glendale, 10am
Paradise Valley vs. Cisco @ Cochise, 11am

October 3, Wednesday
Mesa at Paradise Valley, 1pm
Phoenix College at South Mountain, 1pm
Glendale at Pima, 1pm
Cochise at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm

October 6, Saturday
Mesa at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm
Paradise Valley at Scottsdale, 12pm
South Mountain at Glendale, 10am
Pima at Cochise, 1:00pm

October 8, Monday
Scottsdale at Mesa, 4:30pm
Phoenix College at Paradise Valley, 12pm
Cochise at South Mountain, 1pm
Chandler-Gilbert at Pima, 1pm

October 10, Wednesday
Mesa at Pima, 1pm
Paradise Valley at Glendale, 1pm
Scottsdale at Phoenix College, 4:30pm
South Mountain at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm

October 13, Saturday
Glendale at Scottsdale, 12pm
Pima at South Mountain, 12pm

October 17, Wednesday
Mesa at South Mountain, 1pm
Paradise Valley at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm
Scottsdale at Cochise, 3pm
Phoenix College at Glendale, 1pm

October 19, Saturday
Glendale at Mesa, 4:30pm

October 20, Saturday
Pima at Paradise Valley, 12pm
Cochise at Phoenix College, 4:30pm
Chandler-Gilbert at Scottsdale, 4:30pm


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