2006 ACCAC Men's Soccer Composite Schedule

August 25, Friday
Scottsdale at Yavapai, 1pm

August 26, Saturday
Arizona Western at Mesa, 4:30pm
Glendale at Pima, Noon
Chandler-Gilbert at South Mountain, 9:30am
Phoenix at Paradise Valley, 9:30am

August 30, Wednesday
Mesa at Phoenix, 4:30pm
Scottsdale at Arizona Western, 6pm
Yavapai at Pima, 3:30pm
Glendale at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm
South Mountain at Paradise Valley, 1pm

September 1, Friday
Monroe at Chandler-Gilbert, 6pm
Tyler at Dakota, 5pm (Yavapai Tournament)
Laramie at Yavapai, 7:30pm (Yavapai Tournament)
Mesa at Scottsdale, 1pm
Paradise Valley at Glendale, 1pm

September 2, Saturday
Monroe at Mesa, 7pm
Yavapai Tourney Consolation, 5pm
Yavapai Tourney Championship, 7:30pm
Pima at Arizona Western, 6pm
Phoenix at South Mountain, 9:30pm

September 6, Wednesday
Mesa at South Mountain, 1pm
Arizona Western at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm
Scottsdale at Pima, 1pm
\Yavapai at Paradise Valley, 3:30pm
Glendale at Phoenix, 4:30pm

September 9, Saturday
Pima at Mesa, 4:30pm
Paradise Valley at Arizona Western, 6pm
Chandler-Gilbert at Scottsdale, 4:30pm
Phoenix at Yavapai, 6pm
South Mountain at Glendale, 10am

September 13, Wednesday
Mesa at Glendale, 1pm
AZ Western at Phoenix, 4:30pm
Scottsdale at Paradise Valley, 1pm
Pima at Chandler-Gilbert, 4:30pm
Yavapai at South Mountain, 3:30pm

September 16, Saturday
Chandler-Gilbert at Mesa 4:30pm
South Mountain at Arizona Western, 6pm
Phoenix at Scottsdale, Noon
Paradise Valley at Pima, Noon
Glendale at Yavapai, 6pm

September 18, Monday
Chandler-Gilbert at Yavapai, 6pm

September 20, Wednesday
Mesa at Yavapai, 6pm
AZ Western at Glendale, 1pm
Scottsdale at South Mountain, 1pm
Pima at Phoenix, 4:30pm
Chandler-Gilbert at Paradise Valley, 1pm

September 23, Saturday
Mesa at Paradise Valley 9:30am
Yavapai at AZ Western 6pm
Scottsdale at Glendale 10am
Phoenix at Chan/Gilbert 7pm
South Mountain at Pima Noon

September 27, Wednesday
Mesa at AZ Western 6pm
Yavapai at Scottsdale 3:30pm
Pima at Glendale 1pm
South Mountain at Chan/Gilbert 4:30pm
Paradise Valley at Phoenix 4:30pm

September 30, Saturday
Phoenix at Mesa 4:30pm
AZ Western at Scottsdale 6pm
Pima at Yavapai 6pm
Chan/Gilbert at Glendale 10am
Paradise Valley at South Mountain 9:30am

October 4, Wednesday
Scottsdale at Mesa 4:30pm
AZ Western at Pima 1pm
Yavapai at Chan/Gilbert 6pm
Glendale at Paradise Valley 1pm
South Mountain at Phoenix 4:30pm

October 7, Saturday
South Mountain at Mesa 4:30pm
Chan/Gilbert at AZ Western 4pm
Pima at Scottsdale Noon
Paradise Valley at Yavapai 6pm
Phoenix at Glendale 10am

October 9, Monday
Mesa at Pima 1pm
AZ Western at Paradise Valley 1pm
Scottsdale at Chan/Gilbert 4:30pm
Yavapai at Phoenix 6pm
Glendale at South Mountain 1pm

October 11, Wednesday
Glendale at Mesa 4:30pm
Phoenix at AZ Western 6pm
Paradise Valley at Scottsdale 1pm
Chan/Gilbert at Pima 1pm
South Mountain at Yavapai 6pm

October 14, Saturday
Mesa at Chan/Gilbert 4:30pm
AZ Western at South Mountain Noon
Scottsdale at Phoenix 4:30pm
Pima at Paradise Valley Noon
Yavapai at Glendale Noon

October 18, Wednesday
Yavapai at Mesa 6pm
Glendale at AZ Western 6pm
South Mountain at Scottsdale 1pm
Phoenix at Pima 1pm
Paradise Valley at Chan/Gilbert 4:30pm

October 21, Saturday
Paradise Valley a Mesa 4:30pm
AZ Western aa Yavapai 6pm
Glendale at Scottsdale Noon
Pima at South Mountain Noon
Chan/Gilbert at Phoenix 4:30pm

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