2009 Composite Schedule

August 27, Thursday
NMMI at Sul Ross State (NMMI won 26-22)

August 29, Saturday
Snow at Scottsdale (Snow won 37-28)

September 5, Saturday
Scottsdale at Mesa (Scottsdale won 57-3)
Arizona Western at Snow (Arizona Western won 35-17)
Glendale at Phoenix (Phoenix won 8-2)
Eastern Arizona at Pima (Eastern Arizona won 14-7)
NMMI at NM Prep, 2:00pm

September 10, Thursday
NMMI at West Texas A&M JV (cancelled)

September 12, Saturday
Mesa at Eastern Arizona (Eastern won34-21)
Phoenix at Arizona Western (Arizona Western won 51-21)
Pima at Glendale (Glendale won 20-19)
Georgia Military at Snow (Snow won 32-6)

September 19, Saturday
Snow at NMMI (Snow won 64-54)
Mesa at Arizona Western (Arizona Western won 33-29)
Pima at Phoenix (Phoenxi won 24-17)
Eastern Arizona at Glendale (Eastern Arizona won 22-15)

September 26, Saturday
Arizona Western at Scottsdale (Arizona Western won 32-20)
Glendale at Snow (Snow won 47-14)
Phoenix at Mesa (Phoenix won 35-2)
Pima at NMMI (NMMI won 46-9)
NM All-Stars at Eastern Arizona (Eastern won 57-0)

October 3, Saturday
Scottsdale at Pima (Scottsdale won 35-32)
Snow at Mesa (Snow won 44-0)
Glendale at NMMI (Glendale won 35-17)
Arizona Western at Eastern Arizona (Arizona Western won 27-2)

October 10, Saturday
NMMI at Scottsdale (NMMI won 42-31)
Snow at Pima (Snow won 21-13)
Eastern Arizona at Mesa (Eastern won 24-7)
Phoenix at Glendale (Glendale won 49-19)

October 17, Saturday
Scottsdale at Phoenix (Scottsdale won 47-7)
Eastern Arizona at Snow (Snow won 30-24)
Mesa at Glendale (Mesa won 14-12)
Arizona Western at NMMI (NMMI won 40-33)

October 24, Saturday
Mesa at Scottsdale (Scottsdale won 36-33)
Phoenix at Snow (Snow won 34-14)
NMMI at Eastern Arizona (Eastern Arizona won 42-27)
Pima at Arizona Western (Arizona Western won 53-0)

October 31, Saturday
Scottsdale at Snow (Snow won 48-20)
NMMI at Phoenix (NMMI won 28-21)
Glendale at Arizona Western (Arizona Western won 48-14)
Pima at Eastern Arizona (Eastern won 49-6)

November 7, Saturday
Eastern Arizona at Scottsdale (Eastern Arizona 52-45)
NMMI at Mesa (NMMI won 21-14)
Arizona Western at Phoenix (Arizona Western won 17-7)
Glendale at Pima (Glendale won 39-21)

November 14, Saturday
Scottsdale at Glendale (Glendale won 27-12)
Snow at Arizona Western (Arizona Western won 30-17)
Mesa at Pima (Mesa won 51-14)
Phoenix at Eastern Arizona (Phoenix won 27-21)

December 5, Saturday <> Central Bank/Salt City Bowl
#20 Hutchinson def. #16 N.M. Military, 22-14

December 5, Saturday <> Valley of the Sun Bowl
#21 Glendale def. #11 Dean (MA), 10-9

December 5, Saturday <> Zions Bank/Top of the Mountain Bowl
#8 Snow def. #3 Grand Rapids, 41-37

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