First Team
Position Player School
Offensive Line Jess Hacker Dixie State
Offensive Line Oosefa Robins Snow
Offensive Line Eddie Haini Glendale
Offensive Line C.J. Blomvell Mesa
Offensive Line Joe Critchfield Scottsdale
Tight End Justin Walker Glendale
Wide Receiver A.J. Smith Snow
Wide Receiver Daniel White Glendale
Running Back Josh Burkman Dixie State
Running Back Willie Henry Mesa
Quarterback Paul Peterson Snow
Return Specialist Matt Miller Scottsdale
Kicker Ryan Fusco Pima
Defensive Line Mike Mapu Mesa
Defensive Line J.C. Braker Glendale
Defensive Line Nick Sontag Dixie State
Defensive Line Brandon Malone Arizona Western
Linebacker Tyler DeBry Dixie State
Linebacker Ponch Drew Glendale
Linebacker Junior Ahyou Mesa
Defensive Back Jason Lee Dixie State
Defensive Back Chris McKenzie Glendale
Defensive Back Jabari Smith Arizona Western
Defensive Back Ryan Patterson Pima
Punter Blake Kinart Pima

Second Team
Position Player School
Offensive Line Eddie Yauch Arizona Western
Offensive Line Kevin Tim New Mexico Military
Offensive Line Justin Ellis Pima
Offensive Line Taitusi Lutol Mesa
Offensive Line Cory Seluli Dixie State
Tight End Willie Metcalf Eastern Arizona
Tight End Wayland Bond Dixie State
Wide Receiver Andre Lamar Phoenix
Wide Receiver Ameen Shaheen Snow
Wide Receiver Matt Miller Scottsdale
Running Back Santos Olague Pima
Running Back Ramel McIntosh Glendale
Quarterback Blake Kinart Pima
Return Specialist Hurtis Chinn Arizona Western
Kicker Jake Hunt Arizona Western
Defensive Line Anthony Fields Arizona Western
Defensive Line Chad Webster Snow
Defensive Line Kevin Amidan Pima
Defensive Line Jou Tuinei Snow
Linebacker Levi Menutal Dixie State
Linebacker Mike Overley Dixie State
Linebacker O.J. Flores Pima
Defensive Back Reggie Wilson Dixie State
Defensive Back Steve Gordon


Defensive Back Zeonte Sherman Arizona Western
Defensive Back Eric Wright Glendale
Punter Jake Handy Dixie State
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