2009 ACCAC Men's Basketball Master Schedule
Month Date Day Visitor Home Time
October  3 Saturday Jamboree Scottsdale TBD
14 Wednesday Westwind Academy Pima 6pm
15 Thursday Westwind Academy South Mountain 7:30pm
17 Saturday Luke AFB Yavapai Scrim 3pm
20 Saturday Luke AFB Pima Scrim 4pm
21? Tuesday? Glendale SMCC/SCC Scrim TBD
  Wednesday Westwind Academy Mesa Scrim 7pm
22 Thursday AZ Legends South Mountain 7:30pm
24 Saturday AZ Legends Pima 1pm
    Alumni Yavapai - Scrim 2pm
30 Friday Westwind Academy Glendale Scrim 7pm
31 Saturday AZ Legends Yavapai 12pm
November  1 Sunday Eastern Arizona Luke AFB 2pm
    Cochise NMMI TBD
2 Monday Tucson Cats Central Arizona 7:30pm
    Luke AFB South Mountain 7:30pm
    Cochise NMJC TBD
3 Tuesday  Westwind Academy Phoenix 7:30pm
    Cochise Southwest Texas TBD
5 Thursday Yavapai Odessa Tourn. TBD
6 Friday Westwind Academy Central Arizona 7:30pm
    Tierra del Sol Eastern Arizona 7:30pm
    AZ Legends Phoenix 7pm
    Pima-Colorado NW Eastern Arizona 5:30pm
    Yavapai Odessa Tourn. TBD
7 Saturday Colorado NW Eastern Arizona 7:30pm
    AZ Legends Mesa   7pm
    Pima-Tierra del Sol Eastern Arizona 5:30pm
    Tucson Cats South Mountain 4pm
    Yavapai Odessa Tourn. TBD
9 Monday Central Arizona Luke AFB-Glendale 7:30pm
10 Tuesday Tierra del Sol South Mountain 7:30pm
11 Wednesday AZ Legends Central Arizona 7:30pm
    Mesa Eastern Utah 7pm
    MARS Phoenix 7:30pm
12 Thursday Joliet JC Arizona Western 7:30pm
    Howard / CGCC AWC Tournament 3:30pm
    MARS Scottsdale 7:30pm
    South Mountain Luke AFB 7:30pm
    Westwind Academy Cochise   7:30pm
13 Friday Howard College Arizona Western 7:30pm
    AZ Legends Glendale 7pm
    Joliet JC / CGCC AWC Tournament 3:30pm
    Eastern Arizona New Mexico JC 5:00pm
    Mesa Snow College 7pm
    Odessa College Pima 7:30pm
    MARS South Mountain 7:30pm
    Tucson Cats Cochise   7:30pm
14 Saturday Howard College Central Arizona 3pm
    Eastern Arizona NMMI 7pm
    Mesa Salt Lake City CC 7pm
    Luke AFB Phoenix 4pm
    Davis Monthan Pima 4pm
    Impact Academy South Mountain 4pm
15 Sunday Impact Academy Scottsdale 2pm
18 Wednesday Yavapai Arizona Western  7:30pm
    South Mountain Central Arizona   7:30pm
    Scottsdale Chandler-Gilbert   7:30pm
    Pima Cochise   7:30pm
    Mesa Eastern Arizona   7:30pm
    Glendale Phoenix   7:30pm
21 Saturday Chandler-Gilbert South Mountain   4pm
    Cochise Scottsdale   4pm
    Phoenix Yavapai   4pm
    Arizona Western Pima   4pm
    Eastern Arizona Glendale   4pm
    Central Arizona Mesa   4pm
24 Tuesday AZ Legends Scottsdale 7:30pm
    Sierra Vista Stars Cochise   7:30pm
25 Wednesday Westwind Academy South Mountain 7:30pm
    Arizona Western  Glendale 7:30pm
27 Friday Arizona Western Miami Dade Classic TBD
    Tucson Cats Eastern Arizona   7:30pm
    Pima-Trinidad State Eastern Arizona 5:30pm
28 Saturday Arizona Western Miami Dade Classic TBD
    Trinidad State JC Eastern Arizona 7:30pm
    Pima-Tucson Cats Eastern Arizona 5:30pm
29 Sunday Arizona Western Miami Dade Classic TBD
December 2 Wednesday Phoenix  Pima    7:30pm
    Mesa Chandler-Gilbert   7:30pm
    Eastern Arizona Central Arizona   7:30pm
    Glendale Yavapai    7:30pm
    Cochise South Mountain   7:30pm
    Scottsdale Arizona Western    7:30pm
5 Saturday Chandler-Gilbert Cochise   7:30pm
    Central Arizona Arizona Western   7:30pm
    Mesa Phoenix   4pm
    Pima Eastern Arizona    7:30pm
    Yavapai Scottsdale   4pm
    South Mountain Glendale    4pm
9 Wednesday Central Arizona Phoenix   7:30pm
    Scottsdale Pima   7:30pm
    South Mountain  Yavapai   7:30pm
    Glendale Mesa   7:30pm
    Cochise Eastern Arizona   7:30pm
    Arizona Western Chandler-Gilbert    7:30pm
11 Friday Yavapai Chandler-Gilbert 7:30pm
12 Saturday Scottsdale Mesa   4pm
    Pima Central Arizona   4pm
    Glendale Cochise   7:30pm
    Phoenix Arizona Western   7:30pm
    Eastern Arizona South Mountain   4pm
15 Tuesday Westwind Academy South Mountain 7:30pm
16 Wednesday Impact Basketball Phoenix 7pm
17 Thursday Impact Academy Scottsdale 7:30pm
21 Monday Tierra del Sol Glendale 7pm
23 Wednesday Luke AFB Glendale 7pm
28 Monday Chandler-Gilbert Scottsdale Tourney TBD
    Glendale Coll. of the Desert TBD
    Phoenix, Yavapai Phoenix Holiday Tour 7:30pm
29 Tuesday Chandler-Gilbert Scottsdale Tourney TBD
    Glendale Coll. of the Desert TBD
    Mesa, Scottsdale Mesa Rotary TBD
    Phoenix, Yavapai Phoenix Holiday Tour 7:30pm
30 Wednesday Chandler-Gilbert Scottsdale Tourney TBD
    Glendale Coll. of the Desert TBD
    Mesa, Scottsdale Mesa Rotary TBD
    Phoenix, Yavapai Phoenix Holiday Tour 8pm
    Tierra del Sol Pima 8pm
31   Mesa, Scottsdale Mesa Rotary TBD
January 1 Friday Cochise Odessa TBD
2 Saturday AZ Legends Eastern Arizona 5pm
    Cochise NMJC TBD
3 Sunday South Plains College Scottsdale 3pm
4 Monday Frank Phillips College Arizona Western 7:30pm
    Yavapai AWC Tourn TBD
5 Tuesday NE Oklahoma A&M Arizona Western 7:30pm
    Yavapai AWC Tourn TBD
6 Wednesday Phoenix Eastern Arizona   7:30pm
    Yavapai Cochise    7:30pm
    Mesa South Mountain   7:30pm
    Central Arizona Scottsdale   7:30pm
    Chandler-Gilbert Pima   7:30pm
9 Saturday South Mountain Arizona Western    7:30pm
    Eastern Arizona  Yavapai  7:30pm
    Glendale Pima   4pm
    Scottsdale Phoenix    4pm
    Chandler-Gilbert Central Arizona   4pm
    Cochise Mesa    4pm
13 Wednesday Glendale Scottsdale   7:30pm
    Phoenix South Mountain   7:30pm
    Eastern Arizona Chandler-Gilbert   7:30pm
    Central Arizona Cochise   7:30pm
    Arizona Western Mesa   7:30pm
    Pima Yavapai   7:30pm
16 Saturday Central Arizona Glendale    4pm
    Mesa Yavapai    4pm
    Arizona Western Cochise   7:30pm
    Scottsdale Eastern Arizona   7:30pm
    South Mountain Pima    4pm
    Phoenix Chandler-Gilbert   1pm
20 Wednesday Eastern Arizona Arizona Western   7:30pm
    Cochise Phoenix   7:30pm
    Pima Mesa   7:30pm
    South Mountain Scottsdale   7:30pm
    Chandler-Gilbert Glendale   7:30pm
    Yavapai Central Arizona   7:30pm
23 Saturday Arizona Western  Yavapai 7:30pm
    Central Arizona   South Mountain 4pm
    Chandler-Gilbert   Scottsdale 4pm
    Cochise   Pima 4pm
    Eastern Arizona   Mesa 4pm
    Phoenix   Glendale 4pm
27 Wednesday South Mountain   Chandler-Gilbert 7:30pm
    Scottsdale   Cochise 7:30pm
    Yavapai   Phoenix 7:30pm
    Pima   Arizona Western 7:30pm
    Glendale   Eastern Arizona 7:30pm
    Mesa   Central Arizona 7:30pm
30 Saturday  Pima    Phoenix 4pm
    Chandler-Gilbert   Mesa 4pm
    Central Arizona   Eastern Arizona 7:30pm
    Yavapai    Glendale 4pm
    South Mountain   Cochise 7:30pm
    Arizona Western    Scottsdale 4pm
February 3 Wednesday Cochise   Chandler-Gilbert 7:30pm
    Arizona Western   Central Arizona 7:30pm
    Phoenix   Mesa 7:30pm
    Eastern Arizona    Pima 7:30pm
    Scottsdale   Yavapai 7:30pm
    Glendale    South Mountain 7:30pm
6 Saturday Phoenix   Central Arizona 4pm
    Pima   Scottsdale 4pm
    Yavapai   South Mountain  4pm
    Mesa   Glendale 4pm
    Eastern Arizona   Cochise 7:30pm
    Chandler-Gilbert    Arizona Western 7:30pm
10 Wednesday Mesa   Scottsdale 7:30pm
    Central Arizona   Pima 7:30pm
    Cochise   Glendale 7:30pm
    Chandler-Gilbert   Yavapai 7:30pm
    Arizona Western   Phoenix 7:30pm
    South Mountain   Eastern Arizona 7:30pm
13 Saturday Eastern Arizona   Phoenix 4pm
    Glendale   Arizona Western 7:30pm
    Cochise    Yavapai 7:30pm
    South Mountain   Mesa 4pm
    Scottsdale   Central Arizona 4pm
    Pima   Chandler-Gilbert 4pm
17 Wednesday Arizona Western    South Mountain 7:30pm
    Yavapai   Eastern Arizona  7:30pm
    Pima   Glendale 7:30pm
    Phoenix    Scottsdale 7:30pm
    Central Arizona   Chandler-Gilbert 7:30pm
    Mesa    Cochise 7:30pm
20 Saturday Scottsdale   Glendale 4pm
    South Mountain   Phoenix 4pm
    Chandler-Gilbert   Eastern Arizona 7:30pm
    Cochise   Central Arizona 4pm
    Mesa   Arizona Western 7:30pm
    Yavapai   Pima 4pm
23 Tuesday Glendale    Central Arizona 7:30pm
    Yavapai    Mesa 7:30pm
    Cochise   Arizona Western 7:30pm
    Eastern Arizona   Scottsdale 7:30pm
    Pima    South Mountain 7:30pm
    Chandler-Gilbert   Phoenix 7:30pm
26 Friday Arizona Western   Eastern Arizona 7:30pm
    Phoenix   Cochise 7:30pm
    Mesa   Pima 7:30pm
    Scottsdale   South Mountain 7:30pm
    Glendale   Chandler-Gilbert 7:30pm
    Central Arizona   Yavapai 7:30pm