2007-2008 ACCAC Men's Basketball Composite Schedule

October 6, Saturday
Jamboree (Central, Eastern, Phoenix, Pima, Yavapai, Scottsdale), TBA

October 13, Saturday
Alumni (Scrimmage) at Phoenix, TBA

October 20, Saturday
Scrimmage at Phoenix, TBA

October 20, Saturday
Majerle's (Scrimmage) at Yavapai, 1:00pm

October 27, Saturday
Alumni (Scrimmage) at Yavapai, 3:00pm

October 29, Saturday
Grand Canyon Univ (Scrimmage) at Central, 7:00pm

November 1, Thursday
Central at Coll of South. Idaho, 7:30pm

November 1, Thursday
Cochise vs New Mexico Military at T-Bird Classic (Cochise won 72-69)

November 2, Friday
Tierra del Sol vs Glendale at Yavapai (Glendale won 103-91)
Central at Central Florida, 5:30pm
Cochise vs. New Mexico JC at T-Bird Classic (Cochise won 95-90)
Grand Canyon JV at Yavapai (Yavapai won 88-49)

November 3, Saturday
Grand Canyon JV vs. Glendale at Yavapai, 5:00pm
Tierra del Sol at Yavapai (Yavapai won 86-78)
Central at Westchester, 5:30pm
Cochise vs. Midland Heat at T-Bird Classic (Cochise won 94-80)
Tucson Cats (Exhibition) at Eastern, 7:30pm

November 6, Tuesday
Grand Canyon JV at Phoenix, 7:30pm

November 9, Friday
Luke AFB at Chandler, 8:00pm
Mexican College at Cochise, 7:30pm
Colorado NW vs. Pima at Cochise (Colorado Northwestern won 102-97)
Tucson Cats at Cochise (Cochise won 118-91)
Gila Monster Classic -- Eastern vs. Odessa, 7:30pm
Gila Monster Classic -- Scottsdale vs. CEU, 5:30pm

November 10, Saturday
Grand Canyon JV at Glendale, 7:30pm
Gila Monster Classic -- Eastern Utah vs. Eastern (Eastern Arizona won 78-67)
Luke AFB at Yavapai (Yavapai won 76-59)
Gila Monster Classic -- Scottsdale vs. Odessa (Odessa won 83-57)
Colorado NW at Cochise (Cochise won 134-107)
Sierra Vista Stars vs. Pima (Pima won 115-85)
Team Tucson at Phoenix, 1:00pm

November 11, Sunday
Gila Monster Classic -- Eastern Utah vs. Scottsdale (Eastern Utah won 80-77 in ot)
Gila Monster Classic -- Odessa vs. Eastern (Eastern Arizona won 81-71)

November 15, Thursday
Cochise at San Jacinto JC, TBA

November 16, Friday
Cochise at Paris JC, TBA
Eastern at South Plains Coll ,TBA
Phoenix vs. Snow College at Yavapai (Phoenix won 87-85)
Grand Canyon JV at Yavapai (Yavapai won 83-66)
Salt Lake City CC at AWC Desert Classic, 7:30pm
New Mexico JC vs. Pima (AWC Tourn), 4:00pm

November 17, Saturday
Salt Lake City CC at Arizona Western (Salt Lake City won 67-66)
Phoenix vs. Grand Canyon JV at Yavapai (Phoenix won 94-59)
Snow College at Yavapai, 7:00pm(Snow won 81-80)
New Mexico JC vs. Pima at AWC Desert Classic (New Mexico won 78-75)
Eastern at South Plains College (South Plains won 65-63)

November 19, Monday
Southwestern Coll at Chandler, 7:30pm

November 20, Tuesday
Sierra Vista Stars at Cochise (Cochise won 130-84)

November 22, Thursday
Howard College at Scottsdale, 7:30pm
Pima at Odessa Tourn., TBA

November 23, Friday
Cecil CC at Scottsdale, 7:30pm
Pima at Odessa Tourn., TBA
Arizona Western vs. Clark College at EAC Thanksgiving Classic (Western won 101-78)
Grand Canyon JV at Eastern Arizona at EAC Thanksgiving Classic (Eastern won 95-41)
Indian Hills CC at Scottsdale, 7:30pm

November 24, Saturday
Pima at Odessa Tourn., TBA
Western vs. Grand Canyon JV at EAC Thanksgiving Classic (Western won 97-61)
Clark at Eastern Arizona at EAC Thanksgiving Classic (Eastern won 86-64)
Glendale at Imperial Valley College, 3:00pm

November 26, Monday
Glendale at Southwestern College, 7:00pm

November 28, Wednesday
Central at Cochise (Cochise won 88-85)
Pima at Western (AZ Western won 18-54)
Eastern at Chandler (Eastern won 85-78)
Scottsdale at Mesa (Mesa won 77-62)
Phoenix at Yavapai (Phoenix won 84-78)
Glendale at South (South Mountain won 59-55)

December 1, Saturday
Chandler at Pima (Pima won 99-91)
Mesa at Eastern (Eastern won 89-77)
South at Central (South Mountain won 75-63)
Scottsdale at Cochise (Cochise won 110-82)
Glendale at Yavapai (Glendale won 66-64)
Western at Phoenix (AZ Western won 83-66)

December 5, Wednesday
South at Scottsdale South Mountain won 75-54)
Phoenix at Chandler (Chandler-Gilbert won 106-98)
Yavapai at Western (Arizona Western won 86-50)
Glendale at Central (Glendale won 76-66))
Mesa at Pima (Mesa won 102-85)
Eastern at #19 Cochise (Eastern AZ won 86-81)

December 6, Thursday
Southwestern Coll at Central (Central Arizona won 83-64)

December 8, Saturday
Chandler at Mesa (Mesa won 99-92)
Western at Cochise (Arizona Western won 86-84)
Phoenix at South (South Mountain won 85-64)
Scottsdale at Yavapai (Yavapai won 89-69)
Central at Eastern (Eastern AZ won 82-66)
Pima at Glendale (Glendale won 94-92)

December 12, Wednesday
Western at South (Arizona Western won 72-65)
Pima at Central (Central won 80-73)
Glendale at Phoenix (Glendale won 88-76)
Mesa at Yavapai (Mesa won 93-81)
Cochise at Chandler (Chandler-Gilbert won 89-84)

December 14, Friday
Eastern at Phoenix (Eastern won 100-79)
Yavapai at Pima (Yavapai won 78-59)
Central at Chandler (Central won 70-67)

December 15, Saturday
Glendale at Mesa (Mesa won 79-77)
South at Cochise (Cochise won 78-66)
Scottsdale at Western (Arizona Western won 82-52)

December 17, Monday
Hesston CC at Glendale, 7:30pm

December 18, Tuesday
Eastern at Scottsdale (Eastern won 72-51)
Hesston CC at Phoenix, 7:30pm
Central at Southwestern Coll, 7:00pm

December 20, Thursday
Chandler at Southwestern Coll, 7:00pm

December 27, Thursday
Chandler vs. Scottsdale at SCC Holiday Tourn, TBA

December 28, Friday
Chandler vs. Scottsdale at SCC Holiday Tourn, TBA

December 29, Saturday
Chandler vs. Scotsdale at SCC Holiday Tourn, TBA
Grand Canyon JV at Glendale, 3:00pm

January 3, Thursday
South Plains College at Phoenix, 7:30pm
Yavapai at N. Idaho (CSI Tourn), 6:00pm

January 4, Friday
Yavapai at S. Idaho (CSI Tourn.), 8:00pm
Howard College at Central, 7:00pm
Cochise at NMJC, TBA
NW Wyoming at AWC Tournament, 7:30pm
Eastern vs. Casper at AWC Tournament (Eastern won 65-49)
Southwestern College at Glendale, 4:00pm

January 5, Saturday
Yavapai at Salt Lake CC (CSI Tourn), 4:00pm
South Plains College at Pima, 2:00pm
Casper College at AWC Tournament, 7:30pm
Eastern vs. NW College at AWC Tournament (Eastern won 74-60)
Cochise at Odessa College, TBA
Howard College at Phoenix, 7:30pm

January 9, Wednesday
South at Yavapai (South Mountain won 71-54)
Cochise at Glendale (Glendale won 78-71)
Central at Mesa (Mesa won 89-72)
Phoenix at Pima (Phoenix won 102-88)
Western at Eastern (Eastern won 77-51)
Chandler at Scottsdale (Scottsdale won 83-78 in ot)

January 12, Saturday
Pima at Cochise (Cochise won 100-91)
Yavapai at Central (Central won 74-67)
Glendale at Scottsdale (Glendale won 80-68)
Eastern at South (South Mountain won 66-60)
Chandler at Western (Arizona Western won 99-74)
Mesa at Phoenix (Mes won 97-69)

January 16, Wednesday
Glendale at Eastern (Eastern won 60-46)
South at Pima (Pima won 92-89)
Yavapai at Chandler (Yavapai won 73-69)
Western at Mesa (Western won 97-88)
Cochise at Phoenix (Cochise won 109-105)
Scottsdale at Central (Central won 81-64)

January 19, Saturday
Western at Glendale (Western won 83-70)
Phoenix at Central (Central won 94-88)
Cochise at Mesa (Mesa won 94-84)
Eastern at Yavapai (Yavapai won 100-95)
Pima at Scottsdale (Scottsdale won 95-87)
South vs. Chandler at MCC (South won 81-59)

January 23, Wednesday
Yavapai at Cochise (Yavapai won 117-111 in 2ot)
Mesa at South (South won 66-65)
Scottsdale at Phoenix (Phoenix won 89-72)
Pima at Eastern (Eastern won 83-74)
Chandler at Glendale (Chandler won 84-82)
Central at Western (Arizona Western won 87-59)

January 26, Saturday
Cochise at Central (Cochise won 92-87)
Western at Pima (Western won 101-50)
Chandler at Eastern (Eastern won 99-62)
Mesa at Scottsdale (Scottsdale won 60-59)
Yavapai at Phoenix (Phoenix won 76-70)
South at Glendale (South Mountain won 71-67)

January 28, Monday
Soutwestern College at Phoenix (Phoenix won 89-72)

January 30, Wednesday
Pima at Chandler (Chandler won 98-59)
Eastern at Mesa (Mesa won 61-44)
Central at South (South won 83-76)
Cochise at Scottsdale (Cochise won 85-75 in ot)
Yavapai at Glendale (Glendale won 87-71)
Phoenix at Western (Western won 101-63)

February 2, Saturday
Scottsdale at South (South won 80-59)
Chandler at Phoenix (Chandler won 79-66)
Western at Yavapai (#12 Western won 87-74)
Central at Glendale (Central won 86-77)
Pima at Mesa (Mesa won 115-63)
Cochise at Eastern (Eastern won 102-62)

February 6, Wednesday
Mesa at Chandler (Mesa won 79-68)
Cochise at Western (Arizona Western won 88-70)
South at Phoenix (South Mountain won 82-72)
Yavapai at Scottsdale (Yavapai won 78-65)
Eastern at Central (Eastern won 72-71)
Glendale at Pima (Glendale won 99-73)

February 9, Saturday
South at Western (Western won 79-60)
Scottsdale at Eastern (Eastern won 90-67)
Central at Pima (Pima won 87-80)
Phoenix at Glendale (Glendale won 88-82)
Yavapai at Mesa (Mesa won 93-75)
Chandler at Cochise (Cochise won 115-101)

February 13, Wednesday
Phoenix at Eastern (Eastern won 98-67)
Western at Scottsdale (Western won 86-67)
Mesa at Glendale (Glendale won 76-67)
Chandler at Central (Central won 94-64)
Cochise at South (South won 119-114 in 3ot)
Pima at Yavapai (Yavapai won 96-79)

February 16, Saturday
Yavapai at South (South won 92-85)
Glendale at Cochise (Cochise won 107-99)
Mesa at Central (Mesa won 93-77)
Pima at Phoenix (Phoenix won 88-66)
Eastern at Western (Western won 81-70)
Scottsdale at Chandler (Chandler won 79-78) (Chandler won 79-78)

February 20, Wednesday
Cochise at Pima (Cochise won 107-87)
Central at Yavapai (Central won 106-104)
Scottsdale at Glendale (Scottsdale won 68-67)
South at Eastern (Eastern won 95-87 in ot)
Western at Chandler (Western won 81-64)
Phoenix at Mesa (Mesa won 97-51)

February 23, Saturday
Eastern at Glendale (Eastern own 70-68
Pima at South (South won 95-79)
Chandler at Yavapai (Chandler won 98-92)
Mesa at Western (Mesa won 66-59)
Phoenix at Cochise (Phoenix own 79-76)
Central at Scottsdale (Central mwon 83-78)

February 26, Tuesday
Glendale at Western, 7:30pm
Central at Phoenix, 7:30pm
Mesa at Cochise, 7:30pm
Yavapai at Eastern, 7:30pm
Scottsdale at Pima, 7:30pm
Chandler at South, 7:30pm

February 29, Friday
Cochise at Yavapai (Cochise won 108-100)
South at Mesa, 7:30pm
Phoenix at Scottsdale, 7:30pm
Eastern at Pima, 7:30pm
Glendale at Chandler, 7:30pm
Western at Central, 7:30pm


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