2010 ACCAC Master Baseball Schedule

Month Date Day Visitor Home Time
January 23 Saturday Alumni-Scrimmage South 2:00pm
  29 Friday Gateway Central 12:00pm
  29 Friday South Western Nevada 3:00pm
  29 Friday Weber State Mesa 12:00pm
  29 Friday Pima Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  29 Friday Yavapai Salt Lake CC 1:00pm
  29 Friday Yavapai Salt Lake CC 4:00pm
  30 Saturday Yavapai Southern Nevada 12:00pm
  30 Saturday U of A Club Gateway 2:00pm
  30 Saturday Yavapai Southern Nevada 3:00pm
  30 Saturday Pima Paradise Valley 12:00pm
  30 Saturday South Western Nevada 11:00am
  30 Saturday Weber State Mesa 12:00pm
  30 Saturday Central U OF A Club 11:00am
  30 Saturday El Paso CC Cochise 12:00pm
  30 Sunday South Western Nevada 11:00am
  31 Sunday El Paso CC Cochise 12:00pm
February 3 Wednesday Chandler-Gilbert South 3:00pm
  3 Wednesday Southern Nevada Gateway 4:00pm
  3 Wednesday ASU Club Teram Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  3 Wednesday Northwestern College Mesa 12:00pm
  5 Friday EAC,GCC Caballero Classic TBD
  5 Friday Pima Western Nevada TBD
  5 Friday Victor Valley Central 12:00pm
  5 Friday ASU Club Team Mesa 3:00pm
  5 Friday Luna CC Paradise Valley 12:00pm
  5 Friday Scottsdale El Paso 2:00pm
  5 Friday Southern Nevada Yavapai 2:00pm
  6 Saturday Southern Nevada Yavapai 12:00pm
  6 Saturday Southern Idaho Gateway 6:00pm
  6 Saturday Scottsdale El Paso 12:00pm
  6 Saturday Luna CC Paradise Valley 12:00pm
  6 Saturday Pima Western Nevada TBD
  6 Saturday ASU Club Team Mesa 12:00pm
  6 Saturday U of A Club Cochise 12pm
  6 Saturday EAC,GCC Caballero Classic TBD
  6 Saturday Victor Valley Central 6:00pm
  7 Sunday Southern Idaho South 12:00pm
  7 Sunday Scottsdale El Paso 11:00am
  7 Sunday Pima Western Nevada TBD
  7 Sunday EAC Caballero Classic TBD
  7 Sunday Victor Valley Central 12:00pm
  8 Monday Southern Idaho Gateway 6:00pm
  9 Tuesday South Chandler-Gilbert 3:00pm
  9 Tuesday El Paso CC Eastern 12:00pm
  10 Wednesday U of A Club Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  10 Wednesday Southern Idaho Phoenix 5:00pm
  11 Thursday ASU Club Glendale 3:00pm
  11 Thursday Eastern Utah Yavapai 2:00pm
  12 Friday Eastern Utah Yavapai 12:00pm
  12 Friday Central Southern Idaho 6:30pm
  12 Friday AWC Western Nevada 5:00pm
  12 Friday ASU Club Team Phoenix 5:00pm
  12 Friday U of A Club South 3:00pm
  12 Friday Cochise Southern Nevada  
  12 Friday Luna CC Eastern 12:00pm
  13 Saturday Alumni-Scrimmage Pima 1:00pm
  13 Saturday Eastern Utah Gateway 12:00pm
  13 Saturday U of A Club Mesa 12:00pm
  13 Saturday Luna CC Eastern 12:00pm
  13 Saturday Cochise Southern Nevada  
  13 Saturday Central Southern Nevada 1:00pm
  13 Saturday ASU Club Team South 12:00pm
  13 Saturday AWC Western Nevada 11:00am
  13 Saturday U of A Club Scottsdale 12:00pm
  14 Sunday U of A Club Glendale 12:00pm
  14 Sunday Cochise Southern Nevada  
  14 Sunday College of Eastern Utah Scottsdale 12:00pm
  14 Sunday Central Southern Idaho 9:00am
  14 Sunday AWC Western Nevada 11:00am
  15 Monday Thompson's River Glendale 12:00pm
  15 Monday Thompson's River Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  15 Monday Salt Lake CC Chandler-Gilbert 7:00pm
  16 Tuesday ASU Club Team Mesa 3:00pm
  16 Tuesday Thompson's River South 3:00pm
  16 Tuesday U of A Club Phoenix 7:00pm
  16 Tuesday Eastern El Paso 12:00pm
  16 Tuesday Salt Lake CC Chandler-Gilbert 3:00pm
  17 Wednesday Thompson's River Yavapai 12:00pm
  17 Wednesday Salt Lake CC Chandler-Gilbert 12:00pm
  19 Friday Gateway Glendale 3:00pm
  19 Friday Mesa Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  19 Friday Scottsdale Phoenix 3:00pm
  19 Friday South Central 2:00pm
  20 Saturday Glendale Gateway 12pm
  20 Saturday Paradise Valley Mesa 12pm
  20 Saturday Phoenix Scottsdale 12pm
  20 Saturday Yavapai Western 12pm
  20 Saturday Cochise Chandler-Gilbert 12pm
  20 Saturday Eastern Pima 12pm
  20 Saturday Central South 12pm
  23 Tuesday Phoenix Gateway 3:00pm
  23 Tuesday Paradise Valley Chandler-Gilbert 3:00pm
  23 Tuesday Eastern Scottsdale 12pm
  23 Tuesday Pima Yavapai 12pm
  23 Tuesday Central Cochise 12pm
  23 Tuesday Mesa Glendale 3:00pm
  23 Tuesday South Western 12pm
  24 Wednesday Gateway Phoenix 3:00pm
  24 Wednesday Chandler-Gilbert Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  24 Wednesday Glendale Mesa 3:00pm
  26 Friday Glendale Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  26 Friday Chandler-Gilbert Scottsdale 3:00pm
  26 Friday Phoenix Mesa 3:00pm
  27 Saturday Gateway Yavapai 12pm
  27 Saturday Paradise Valley Glendale 12pm
  27 Saturday Scottsdale Chandler-Gilbert 12pm
  27 Saturday Mesa Phoenix 12pm
  27 Saturday Cochise Eastern 12pm
  27 Saturday South Pima 12pm
  27 Saturday Western Central 12pm
  28 Sunday El Paso CC Chandler-Gilbert 10:00am
  28 Sunday El Paso CC Central 1:00pm
March 1 Monday Grays Harbor Phoenix 4:00pm
  2 Tuesday Gateway Scottsdale 3:00pm
  2 Tuesday Paradise Valley Phoenix 6:00pm
  2 Tuesday Yavapai Eastern 12pm
  2 Tuesday Western Cochise 12pm
  2 Tuesday Glendale Chandler-Gilbert 6:00pm
  2 Tuesday South Mesa 3:00pm
  2 Tuesday Central Pima 12pm
  3 Wednesday Grays Harbor Cochise 12pm
  3 Wednesday Scottsdale Gateway 3:00pm
  3 Wednesday Phoenix Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  3 Wednesday Chandler-Gilbert Glendale 3:00pm
  3 Wednesday Mesa South 3:00pm
  4 Thursday RAIN DATE   TBD
  4 Thursday Grays Harbor Paradise Valley 1:00pm
  5 Friday Chandler-Gilbert Gateway 3:00pm
  5 Friday Scottsdale Mesa 3:00pm
  5 Friday Phoenix Glendale 3:00pm
  6 Saturday Gateway Chandler-Gilbert 12pm
  6 Saturday Central Paradise Valley 12pm
  6 Saturday Mesa Scottsdale 12pm
  6 Saturday Cochise Yavapai 12pm
  6 Saturday Glendale Phoenix 12pm
  6 Saturday Pima Western 12pm
  6 Saturday Eastern South 12pm
  6 Saturday Springfield  Chandler-Gilbert 7:00pm
  7 Sunday Springfield  Central 11:00am
  8 Monday Springfield  Mesa 1:00pm
  8 Monday Springfield  Gateway 6:00pm
  9 Tuesday Gateway Mesa 3:00pm
  9 Tuesday Scottsdale Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  9 Tuesday Yavapai South 12:00pm
  9 Tuesday Chandler-Gilbert Phoenix 6:00pm
  9 Tuesday Pima Cochise 12pm
  9 Tuesday Western Glendale 12:00pm
  9 Tuesday Eastern Central 12pm
  10 Wednesday Mesa Gateway 3:00pm
  10 Wednesday Paradise Valley Scottsdale 3:00pm
  10 Wednesday Phoenix Chandler-Gilbert 6:00pm
  10 Wednesday Springfield  Glendale 3:00pm
  11 Thursday Hesston College Glendale 3:00pm
  11 Thursday Springfield  Gateway 6:30pm
  11 Thursday Springfield  Paradise Valley 2:00pm
  12 Friday Ilinois Central Phoenix 4:00pm
  12 Friday Neosho County CC South 12:00pm
  12 Friday Gateway Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  12 Friday Glendale Scottsdale 3:00pm
  12 Friday Mesa Chandler-Gilbert 3:00pm
  13 Saturday Paradise Valley Gateway 12pm
  13 Saturday Scottsdale Glendale 12pm
  13 Saturday Yavapai Central 12pm
  13 Saturday Pima Phoenix 12pm
  13 Saturday South Cochise 12pm
  13 Saturday Chandler-Gilbert Mesa 12pm
  13 Saturday Western Eastern 12pm
  14 Sunday Garden City CC Glendale 11:00am
  15 Monday Colorado State Club Phoenix 4:00pm
  15 Monday Ilinois Central Scottsdale 12:00pm
  15 Monday Seward CC Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  15 Monday Garden City CC Yavapai 12:00pm
  15 Monday Neosho County CC Chandler-Gilbert 12:00pm
  15 Monday Iowa Western CC Chandler-Gilbert 7:00pm
  15 Monday Cloud County CC Gateway 3:00pm
  16 Tuesday Seminole State Gateway 3:00pm
  16 Tuesday Western Nebraska South  3:00pm
  16 Tuesday Garden City CC Phoenix 1:00pm
  16 Tuesday Iowa Western CC Yavapai 12:00pm
  16 Tuesday Cloud County CC Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  16 Tuesday Colorado State Club Glendale 3:00pm
  16 Tuesday RAIN  DATE TBD
  17 Wednesday IIlinois Central Mesa  12:00pm
  17 Wednesday Western Nebraska Phoenix 4:00pm
  17 Wednesday Garden City CC Paradise Valley 12:00pm
  17 Wednesday Iowa Western CC Scottsdale TBD
  17 Wednesday CAC,COC,PIMA,GWCC Aztec Classic TBD
  17 Wednesday Iowa Western CC Glendale 12:00pm
  18 Thursday AWC,CAC,COC,EAC,PIMA,GWCC Aztec Classic TBD
  18 Thursday Illinois Central Yavapai 12:00pm
  18 Thursday Iowa Western CC South 12:00pm
  18 Thursday Cloud County CC Mesa 3:00pm
  18 Thursday South Glendale 3:00pm
  19 Friday AWC,CAC,COC,EAC,PIMA,GWCC Aztec Classic TBD
  19 Friday Seminole State Glendale 11:00am
  19 Friday El Paso CC South  11:00am
  19 Friday El Paso CC Glendale 3:00pm
  19 Friday Western Nebraska South 3:00pm
  19 Friday Colorado State Club Scottsdale 3:00pm
  19 Friday Iowa Western CC Mesa 3:00pm
  19 Friday Cloud County CC Chandler-Gilbert 3:00pm
  20 Saturday AWC,CAC,COC,EAC,PIMA,GWCC Aztec Classic TBD
  20 Saturday Seminole State South 11:00am
  20 Saturday Western Nebraska Glendale 3:00pm
  22 Monday Skagitt Valley CC Chandler-Gilbert 7:00pm
  23 Tuesday Gateway Eastern 12pm
  23 Tuesday South Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  23 Tuesday Scottsdale Cochise 12pm
  23 Tuesday Mesa Yavapai 12pm
  23 Tuesday Phoenix Western 12pm
  23 Tuesday Glendale Central 12pm
  23 Tuesday Chandler-Gilbert Pima 12:00pm
  24 Wednesday Paradise Valley South 3:00pm
  25 Thursday ASU Club Team Mesa 3:00pm
  26 Friday Scottsdale South 3:00pm
  27 Saturday Central Gateway 12pm
  27 Saturday Paradise Valley Pima 12pm
  27 Saturday South Scottsdale 12pm
  27 Saturday Yavapai Chandler-Gilbert 12pm
  27 Saturday Eastern Phoenix 12pm
  27 Saturday Cochise Glendale 12pm
  27 Saturday Western Mesa 12pm
  30 Tuesday Cochise Gateway 12:00pm
  30 Tuesday Yavapai Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  30 Tuesday Scottsdale Pima 12:00pm
  30 Tuesday Phoenix Central 12pm
  30 Tuesday Glendale South 3:00pm
  30 Tuesday Mesa Eastern 12pm
  30 Tuesday Chandler-Gilbert Western 12pm
  31 Wednesday South Glendale 3:00pm
April 1 Thursday RAIN  DATE TBD
  2 Friday South Gateway 3:00pm
  3 Saturday Gateway South 12pm
  3 Saturday Western Paradise Valley 12pm
  3 Saturday Yavapai Scottsdale 12pm
  3 Saturday Cochise Phoenix 12pm
  3 Saturday Pima Glendale 12pm
  3 Saturday Central Mesa 12pm
  3 Saturday Eastern Chandler-Gilbert 12pm
  6 Tuesday Pima Gateway 12:00pm
  6 Tuesday Paradise Valley Eastern 12pm
  6 Tuesday Scottsdale Western 12pm
  6 Tuesday Glendale Yavapai 12pm
  6 Tuesday South Phoenix 3:00pm
  6 Tuesday Mesa Cochise 12pm
  6 Tuesday Chandler-Gilbert Central 2:00pm
  7 Wednesday Phoenix South 3:00pm
  7 Wednesday Central Chandler-Gilbert 3:00pm
  9 Friday Glendale Gateway 3:00pm
  9 Friday Paradise Valley Mesa 3:00pm
  9 Friday Phoenix Scottsdale 3:00pm
  9 Friday Chandler-Gilbert South 3:00pm
  10 Saturday Gateway Glendale 12pm
  10 Saturday Mesa Paradise Valley 12pm
  10 Saturday Scottsdale Phoenix 12pm
  10 Saturday Western Yavapai 12pm
  10 Saturday Cochise Central 12pm
  10 Saturday Pima Eastern 12pm
  10 Saturday South Chandler-Gilbert 12pm
  13 Tuesday Gateway Phoenix 6:00pm
  13 Tuesday Chandler-Gilbert Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  13 Tuesday Central Scottsdale 12:00pm
  13 Tuesday Yavapai Pima 12pm
  13 Tuesday Eastern Cochise 12pm
  13 Tuesday Glendale Mesa 3:00pm
  13 Tuesday Western South 12:00pm
  14 Wednesday Phoenix Gateway 3:00pm
  14 Wednesday Paradise Valley Chandler-Gilbert 6:00pm
  14 Wednesday Mesa Glendale 3:00pm
  15 Thursday RAIN  DATE TBD
  16 Friday Paradise Valley Glendale 3:00pm
  16 Friday Chandler-Gilbert Scottsdale 3:00pm
  16 Friday Mesa Phoenix 3:00pm
  17 Saturday Western Gateway 12pm
  17 Saturday Scottsdale Chandler-Gilbert 6pm
  17 Saturday Yavapai Cochise 12pm
  17 Saturday Phoenix Mesa 12pm
  17 Saturday Glendale Paradise Valley 12pm
  17 Saturday Pima South 12pm
  17 Saturday Central Eastern 12pm
  20 Tuesday Scottsdale Gateway 3:00pm
  20 Tuesday Phoenix Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  20 Tuesday Eastern Yavapai 12pm
  20 Tuesday Cochise Western 12pm
  20 Tuesday Chandler-Gilbert Glendale 3:00pm
  20 Tuesday Pima Mesa 12:00pm
  20 Tuesday Central South 3:00pm
  21 Wednesday Gateway Scottsdale 3:00pm
  21 Wednesday Paradise Valley Phoenix 6:00pm
  21 Wednesday Glendale Chandler-Gilbert 6:00pm
  21 Wednesday South Central 2:00pm
  23 Friday Gateway Chandler-Gilbert 6:00pm
  23 Friday Mesa Scottsdale 3:00pm
  23 Friday Glendale Phoenix 3:00pm
  24 Saturday Chandler-Gilbert Gateway 12pm
  24 Saturday Paradise Valley Cochise 12pm
  24 Saturday Central Yavapai 12pm
  24 Saturday Phoenix Glendale 12pm
  24 Saturday Scottsdale Mesa 12pm
  24 Saturday Western Pima 12pm
  24 Saturday South Eastern 12pm
  27 Tuesday Mesa Gateway 3:00pm
  27 Tuesday Paradise Valley Scottsdale 3:00pm
  27 Tuesday South Yavapai 12pm
  27 Tuesday Phoenix Chandler-Gilbert 6:00pm
  27 Tuesday Cochise Pima 12pm
  27 Tuesday Eastern Glendale 12pm
  27 Tuesday Central Western 12pm
  28 Wednesday Gateway Mesa 3:00pm
  28 Wednesday Scottsdale Paradise Valley 3:00pm
  28 Wednesday Chandler-Gilbert Phoenix 6:00pm
  29 Thursday RAIN  DATE TBD
  30 Friday Paradise Valley Gateway 6:00pm
  30 Friday Scottsdale Glendale 3:00pm
  30 Friday Chandler-Gilbert Mesa 3:00pm
May 1 Saturday Gateway Paradise Valley 12pm
  1 Saturday Glendale Scottsdale 12pm
  1 Saturday Yavapai Phoenix 12pm
  1 Saturday Cochise South 12pm
  1 Saturday Mesa Chandler-Gilbert 12pm
  1 Saturday Pima Central 12pm
  1 Saturday Eastern Western 12pm
  3 Monday RAIN DATE    
  6 Thursday Region Playoffs    
  7 Friday      
  8 Saturday      
  13 Thursday Region Playoffs    
  14 Friday      
  15 Saturday      
  20 Thursday Districts @ Reg. IX for D1     
  21 Friday      
  22 Saturday      
  29 Saturday Nationals    
  30 Sunday Nationals    
  31 Monday Nationals    
June 1 Tuesday Nationals    
  2 Wednesday Nationals    
  3 Thursday Nationals    
  4 Friday Nationals    
  5 Saturday Nationals